Priscilla and the Wimps Summary

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“Priscilla and the Wimps” is a story about bullying. A student with an abnormality sneaks into school, only to be slammed into lockers by the bully. Luckily, a savior appears and saves the frail victim. In the end, the savior ends up in the principal’s office, where the victim’s parents demand an apology and a five-day suspension. The plot revolves around a boy named Melvin and a girl named Priscilla who becomes the protagonist after standing up to Monk and saves her friend.

The plot of Priscilla and the Wimps is very interesting. A large student named Priscilla befriends a smaller boy named Melvin. Melvin is often bullied by Monk Klutter, and the two fall in conflict with one another. Priscilla eventually stuffs Monk into her locker, but the two aren’t friends after that.

Monk is a member of a gang, and he bullies Melvin. The Kobras also bully people who are different. Priscilla intervenes, helping Melvin when he is being bullied. In the end, she confronts the Kobras when they bully Melvin and the wimps. Priscilla saves the day and puts an end to their bullying.

Priscilla and Melvin go to school together, but they run into a member of a gang called the Kobra. They confront the gang leader unafraid. Priscilla and the wimps are soon back on the school’s campus. This is a fun and entertaining film! There is an excellent lesson in every chapter of Priscilla and the Wimps as it teaches students and children how to behave and react on the bullying.

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