Prevention of Substance Abuse

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The Drug-Free Schools and Campuses Regulations Act has been doing a lot to achieve a drug-free atmosphere in schools and campuses, in addition to the legal implications of the act of criminalizing and making it a crime to be in possession of drugs. The act emphasized the moral obligation of the students with respect to the fight against drug abuse. Students are supposed to be in the forefront in making colleges and campuses drug-free by education and awareness initiatives. Via such steps, the legislation is poised to achieve a great deal of success in combating the threat of drugs. Locally, the drug-free schools and campuses regulations act has been implemented well. The schools are adhering to the act very well. Moreover, to support the spirit of legislation in the local level the school administration at the local level has been emphasizing on education, support, referral and support of students. This has necessitated the organizing of guest speakers, workshops, and sourcing of materials that contain information related drug abuse. To reach the students, schools use emails, student portals and the student handbook (“Complying with the Drug-Free Schools and Campuses Regulations”, 2017).

The psychology concentration on the Sciences AAS degree program has been introduced in college education curriculum to give students education on the effects of alcohol and other drugs. Through this course, students are able to share variety of information on drugs and its effects on the local community. The Student Success Center and the Student Support & Referral Team are proving to be quite useful to the students as they are being used to ensure that students and community members have access to counseling services. The students who are most advantaged by this program are those who have addiction related problems and in need of assistance. Apart from the counseling, a follow up is given to them to ensure the problem is fully addressed.

The impact of the needle exchange program

With the number of the US citizens who are injecting drugs being unreasonably high, this has become costly to the society in terms of health. The sharing of the sharing of the injections has increased HIV prevalence and therefore leaking to loss of productivity. Research shows that more than half of the HIV infections are due to the sharing of the injection needle. Moreover, hepatitis C infection is also due to the sharing of the needles.

The Needle exchange programs (NEPs), which distributes clean needles, ensures that the used ones are safely and offers other related services such as referrals to drug treatment and HIV counseling and testing. The needle exchange programs have led to decreased sharing of needles and thus the spread of these diseases has gone down substantially. Also the rules of the NEPs led to the shifting of the purchasing of syringes from the street to the pharmacies (Lurie, 1993).

The pharmacists do offer education and outreach services and thus ensuring that they are used in the right manner. The NEPs program leads to lower levels of HIV infection among Injection Drug Users (IDUs). Also, the NEPs program doesn’t encourage the drug use among the IUDs nor recruit new members into the drug use. The education offered to the IUDs is quite helpful to them. It either leads to them quitting the drug use or reducing the frequency of injections. Making the syringes and needles available to the IUDs also made them willing to purchase rather than share.


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