Prevention of Juvenile Recidivism

Preventing Juvenile Recidivism: Graduating from Delinquency to Adult Sentencing and Intervening in the Court System

Since it is a comprehensive study that aims to investigate in the new research, I came up with the topic Preventing Juvenile Recidivism: Graduating from Delinquency to Adult Sentencing and Intervening in the Court System. It is necessary to address the problem of children committing crimes on an increasing basis. Additionally, there is a hole in the criminal justice system that must be closed and long-term solutions provided for how they can reintegrate with the rest of society without harm or creating harm. The judicial system's shortcomings are the area that needs to be filled. Flaws in the judicial system leads to the prescription of delinquency terms that may not offer sustainable solutions to the children that are incarcerated. Therefore, there is need to conduct and in-depth investigation into the issue to ensure that the court system is efficient and the programs that are put in place for the children serving their terms is thorough and meets the specific needs of the said children.

Personal Interest in the Topic

My interest in studying the topic is based on the purpose of studying the given topic is based on personal experience and observation of people I know who had been incarcerated while still children and later imprisoned while adults. From the personal experience, I hypothesize that conducting a qualitative study on the topic could enable me to make sustainable recommendations to minimize the extent of incarcerations. Personally, there is an inner feeling that asserts that the criminal justice system needs to be revised and lasting rehabilitation programs established for the delinquent incarcerations.

Significance of the Topic

The problem that makes the topic worth studying is the increase in violence related to the children over the past five years. Additionally, the researchers that have affirmed that children who had been incarcerated have a higher likelihood of engaging in various criminal activities is also a reason to study the topic (Beaudry-Cyr, Jennings, Zgoba & Tewksbury, 2017; Calleja, 2015; Denney & Connor, 2016). Third, the weaker court system that does not take serious the issue of children engaging in crime is also an additional factor that calls for investigation into the topic. Overall, there is need to come up with solutions to the various issue that are related to the crime which seems to compromise the need for national unity in the society (Kalist, Lee & Spurr, 2015; McKinlay, James & Grace, 2015; Put, Asscher, Stams & Moonen, 2014).

Integration of Stakeholder Views

The significant aspect that is related to the study is the integration of the views and the needs of the major stakeholders in the research to ensure that sustainable solutions are realized to the various problems that are facing the society (Aalsma, White, Lau, Perkins, Monahan & Grisso, 2015). Crime is an evolving issue in the community, and there is need to conduct an in-depth study on the issue that leads to crime and what could be done to lower or exterminate the crime rates or the crime levels in the near future (Walker & Bishop, 2016). Therefore, the recommendations from the study are benevolent to the review of the delinquency programs.

APA Format and Guidelines

In conclusion, I will use the APA format in demonstrating academic writing while writing the project report. The APA guideline that is of highest importance is the use of correct in-text citations for the ideas that are borrowed from the various authors. According to the APA writing standards, the terms that are directly lifted from a given author must be put in quotes are in text place in the form of the author/authors and the year of publication. Finally, all the references used must be placed in the reference list.


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