Poem of Johann Wolfgang

German literature - The classical structure of art

German literature is a classical structure of art as illustrated by Johann Wolfgang on his work. The poem talks about an anxious boy carried by the horseback of his father. It speaks of a younger child who dies under the wrath of Erlkönig.

The father's social position and the audience's perspective

The social position of the father is now not specified, a move which allows the audience to create the fanciful concept of the mind. It is apparent that the condition of the boy is the adequate want of emergency care. Such thinking creates a possibility that the father must be making an attempt to rush the child to the nearest medical center.

The awareness of the surroundings

The son is aware of the surroundings, although the father cannot see. However, there is no explanation as to whether the father is aware of the neighboring environment. All in all, he decides to create a comfortable condition as he tries to soothe his son. There is a looming danger which makes the child scream. The move makes the father ride faster, only for him to recognize that his son is dead. The cause of death is directly related to the presence of a supernatural being called the Erlkönig, the most likely cause of death for the child.

The father's troubled state

The father of the dead child is in much trouble since he has no valid answer to what has caused the death of his son. The situation horrifies him even further. He reaches home with a trembling heart. He cannot contemplate saying that the child was struck by a supernatural being, snatching his soul away. The father must be accused of taking little care of the young child, a situation which would not have happened if the mother was with the child.

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