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ABZ Marketing Consultants aims to deliver its target business setting, Indonesia, marketing services. The strategic strategy aims to greatly increase the company's revenues, as well as its earnings, as its activities in other countries grow. Project consultancy, retainer consulting, market research and analysis of business, competitive analysis and reporting services and feasibility studies are the services that the organization aims to offer in this market niche. In terms of finances, ABZ is a well-established company hence it will be in a position to finance its new branch in Indonesia. Executive SummaryABZ Marketing Consultants has been offering government institutions, companies, nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) and individuals, high quality, cost-effective, and high-quality consulting services for different purposes. Our services include market development, business development, industrial sector analysis, market intelligence and channel development on a global scale in addition to assistance for global companies across West Pacific Benefits To The CommunityThe current situation in Indonesia is characterized by the reality that economic times are tough, industries are cutting on their costs, investment appetites are at the historic low, and company budgets are being trimmed. Fully aware of the situation in this market, ABZ Marketing Consultants, under the guidance of a six-year research study, has reached the conclusion that it potential clients are in need of engaging in business related activities in a manner that is smatter, with the support of an efficient and reliable market intelligence. The company believes that it is best suited to offer both solutions to their needs and value creations. Its executive consultants have been working with some of the reputable global companies that are based in the United States for more than ten years and have relevant knowledge of the business environments in Indonesia. The company will also offer employment to the local residents. For the 19 employees in the company, 6 will be from the local community (Berry, 2010). Company and Industry ABZ Marketing Consultants is a corporation that is extending its services to Indonesia. Being a consultant company in Jakarta, within this niche, there are no major competitors. What it has are prospective business partners. This follows the fact that the company offers its clients with value creations in additions to solutions to their needs. Being an e-business, the services of the company have been sought by a variety of clients that range from international market research companies to high-level management companies. Management TeamThe initial management team in Indonesia will depend on the founders, with very minimal back-up. As the company grows in this new market, ABZ Marketing Consultants will come up with a team which will include twenty employees working under the supervision of three vice-presidents and one president. The management philosophy of the company is based on mutual respect and responsibility. Manufacturing and Operations PlanThis location gives a number of advantages to the company which includes a GDP growing at a rate of 6 percent, very cheap cost of living, has 65 Double Taxation Avoidance Agreements (DTAA) different countries and offers a number of tax incentives. ABZ Marketing Consultants is generally based on e-business market-development consulting company that specializes in the marketing of a set of integrated professional services that are comprehensive offering its clients with high-quality market development, consulting services for firms’ development, industrial sector analysis, channel development, and market intelligence across the globe in addition to sales assistance for global organization within the Indonesian market. The company provides expertise in the services it offers. With a lot of experiences in the same field, the marketing consultants company is best placed to package and sell its services in different desired ways that will allow clients to have a wide variety of choices that meet their preferred benefits. They include project consulting, retainer consulting, feasibility studies, market research, and industry sector analysis and strategic analysis and report (Berry, 2010). Labor ForceThe personnel in the company will include a team of nineteen employees, three vice-presidents, and one president. The three basic management divisions will include Operations, Sales and Marketing, and Internal Business Management. The departments that will be managed by the Sales and Marketing divisions will include sales, marketing, research and development, product and services, and public relations. Each department will be managed by the International Business Management divisions which will include administration, accounting, and human resources development. Employees from the region will be recruited and trained according to the policies of the company and this includes working conditions and remunerations. Marketing PlanABZ Marketing Consultants has over the years employed a unique offering of services that have managed to appeal to a large market base globally. In this new market, the company will focus on large corporations now that they offer maximum profit potential. ABZ Marketing Consultants marketing strategy will focus mainly on maintaining the identity of its high-end buyers who have for a long time appreciated the quality of services the company offers. However, such buyers are at the same time very demanding in relation to value creations. Over its many years of operation, the company has been able to find these kinds of clients with the use of a combination of interactive and social email relationships (Govindaraja and Trimble, 2005). In addition, as part of the company’s “individual marketing strategy” in an effort to make sure optimum satisfaction among clients, ABZ Marketing Consultants will customize its services for every specific client. This marketing strategy is termed as “individual marketing strategy” now that customization allows clients to take part in producing what they exactly want. Even in the event that a company provides a standard service, it will not be making a standard sales offer. The client is given the freedom to select a tailored offering mix of elements like delivery conditions, optional services benefits, financing alternatives, training, sales assistance options and technical services options (Generic Format of a Formal Proposal). Financial PlanABZ Marketing Consultants does not foresee a situation where it will incur debts. The current capital that has been set aside by the main office after consultations is $1,884,101 which is the start-up budget and $1,813,392 will be the operating budget. The income statement, balance sheet and break-even analysis have been included in the appendix. The financial picture in this new market is quite encouraging (Generic Format of a Formal Proposal). Exit StrategyThe most appropriate exit strategy is to have an IPO. This will work for the company now that it is a well-renowned company globally. This strategy is best suited now that it will be highly profitable for both the owners and investors now that it will generate a large amount of revenue within a short period of time. Critical Risks and AssumptionsThe main assumption made by the company is accompanying table lists for coming up with its financial projects. The assumption that is most sensitive and risky is the collection days. The company would like to improve on its collection days so as to release pressure from its working capitalReferences“Generic Format of a Formal Proposal”. (2010). Office of Sponsored Projects. Trustees of Dartmouth College, Web. 10 November 2017. .Berry, T., (2010). “A Standard Business Plan Outline”. Palto Alto Software Inc. Web. 10 November 2017. .Govindarajan, V, and C., Trimble., (2005). “Building Breakthrough Businesses Within Established Organizations." Harvard Business Review Appendix Appendix JANFEBMARAPRMAYJUNSalesRetainer Consulting0%$46,000$46,000$46,000$46,000$46,000$50,000Project Consulting0%$40,000$40,000$40,000$40,000$40,000$40,000Market Research & Industrial Analyses0%$30,000$30,000$30,000$30,000$30,000$30,000Feasibility Studies0%$30,000$30,000$30,000$30,000$30,000$30,000Strategic Analysis and Reports0%$25,000$25,000$25,000$25,000$25,000$25,000Other0%$0$0$0$0$0$0Balance Sheet 201720182019Sales$2,080,000$2,496,000$2,995,200Direct Cost of Sales$412,320$494,784$593,651Other$0$0$0TOTAL COST OF SALES$412,320$494,784$593,651Gross Margin$1,667,680$2,001,216$2,401,549Gross Margin %80.18%80.18%80.18%ExpensesPayroll$271,200$298,320$328,152Sales and Marketing and Other Expenses$85,000$102,000$122,320Depreciation$0$0$0Leased Equipment$0$0$0Utilities$7,200$8,640$10,368Insurance$2,160$2,592$3,110Office Rent$38,400$46,080$55,296Payroll Taxes$40,680$44,748$49,223Other$0$0$0Total Operating Expenses$444,640$502,380$568,469Profit Before Interest and Taxes$1,223,040$1,498,836$1,833,080EBITDA$1,223,040$1,498,836$1,833,080Interest Expense$0$0$0Taxes Incurred$305,760$374,709$458,270Net Profit$917,280$1,124,127$1,374,810Net Profit/Sales44.10%45.04%45.90%Break-Even AnalysisMonthly Revenue Break-even$46,214Assumptions:Average Percent Variable Cost20%Estimated Monthly Fixed Cost$37,053

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