Personal Learning Style

I examine better through interaction with the learn about or instruction material, as well as through audio-visual media. In addition, extraordinary circumstances or environments present different challenges for me and will inform my choice, or even preference of learning environment. Consequently, I consider myself adaptable to different gaining knowledge of styles, although some are dominant.
Different individuals exhibit choice for varied learning styles and strategies. This is due to the fact different strategies offer unique results for different students. In addition, some strategies show more effortless to me when compared to others. I have realized that there are numerous learning styles, with different benefits and demerits. For instance, visual learners display a capability to learn better through images, while aural learners learn better by listening to sounds and music. Verbal learners prefer speech and writing, while physical learners, like me, prefer learning activities that involve hands-on or interactive sessions. Furthermore, from a social perspective, there are learners who fare better in group settings and there are learners who flourish through self-study.

Learning Style

I am a physical learner. I learn concepts better through application. For instance, after a lesson, I have to look for situations in the course of my daily life and attempt to draw conclusions and analyse situations based on what I have learnt. I have also realised that I enjoy field excursions very much and will grasp concepts explained in the course of an excursion, without the need to read additional written material. Having one-on-one interactions with instructors, where I have a chance to ask questions and receive immediate feedback is also beneficial. Any information that I obtain from practical or interactive sessions often sticks to my mind, compared to information that I read from a book.

Strengths and Study Skills

The strengths I have, which are associated with my learning style, include the capacity to acquire a lot of information in practical settings. In addition, when I encounter a problem, I am able to solve it intuitively, even when I have not had prior access to instructional material. In addition, after I participate in a physical or practical learning activity, I am able to remember the lessons learned over a very long period. Interacting with physical objects or being present in actual or simulated situations seems to reinforce my information acquisition processes. Again, after physically participating in an activity, I will not encounter much difficulty if I need to carry out a related task in the future.

I have also found out that I learn better on my own compared to in group settings. Learning and exploring knowledge on my own offers me an opportunity to draw relationships among different pieces of information without interruption. On the other hand, if I am learning in a group environment, waiting for every member to participate or provide their input is interruptive. In addition, although giving each member of the group a chance to contribute may offer different insights to a problem, the interruptive nature of most group discussion activities makes me lose concentration quickly. Working in a group setting seems to interfere with my train of thought.

Weaknesses of my Learning Style

Since I learn better through physical engagement, I find it difficult to sit still in lectures. Even though I might not fidget, my mind wanders a lot if the mode of instruction in majorly a lecture. This implies that I have a relatively short attention span and cannot concentrate for a long time. I am easily distracted. Moreover, I have difficulty quietly sitting down and reading notes. Sometimes, I might find it very boring. I am likely to lose concentration soon after beginning reading notes. Settling down to read lengthy notes takes a while. A physical, or kinaesthetic learning style, is more beneficial in practical learning environments. However, most learning activities or environments focus on verbal learning styles, including writing, speaking, and mostly reading. Although verbal learning strategies may not be as enjoyable or as effortless as physical learning styles, it is still critical for me for me to find ways of enhancing my verbal learning skills.

Enhancing Learning Style and Study Skills

In order to improve the effectiveness of my learning activities when I am reading literature or written notes, doing so while standing or walking back and forth, as I read loudly could improve my comprehension and information retention. This is because sitting still on a desk can feel monotonous after a short while. Reading loudly or when moving back and forth, for example, while rocking, could make a learning or reading session feel interactive or more engaging. In addition, taking regular short breaks of between 8 to 10 minutes could enhance my learning activities, particularly when reading written material. Short breaks will offer an opportunity to take a rest and resume learning while rejuvenated.

Since I prefer interactive sessions to quiet study time, in order to make my quiet study time more effective, I have to plan my quiet study sessions at regular times and stick to them. Planning for quite time encourages me to anticipate study time and to be ready with the required material. It also encourages me to prepare myself psychologically for a quiet session with minimal interruptions or distractions from friends and family members. Planning could enhance my ability to concentrate over longer periods, even with regular breaks.

In order to increase my engagement with material that an instructor is presenting in class, I could read or explore material before it is presented in class. This would make it easier to comprehend any difficult concepts and keep me hooked on the instructor, considering I possess prior knowledge. Reading material beforehand will also ensure that I am interested in the material as the instructor presents it in class. Moreover, I will be more attentive as I make comparisons with what I had encountered in my exploratory studies. This will increase my attention span, while increasing my ability to memorise the information. Studying beforehand is a strategy that could increase my interest and improve my engagement with both the material and the instructor


Learning styles vary from one individual to another. In my case, learning styles that offer opportunities for hands-on experience prove more fulfilling and hold my attention. Practical sessions or field excursions provide me with an opportunity to experience first-hand, the study material, and I am able to commit it to memory easily. On the other hand, verbal learning styles that involve reading, writing, and lectures might not be as effective for me. Nevertheless, there are numerous strategies that I could adopt to enhance my learning effectiveness in cases where I have to learn through verbal styles. These include, taking regular breaks, reading aloud while moving around, and reading material before an instructor introduces it in class. The learning style activities have not only enabled me to learn about my most effective learning style, but also showed me how I can enhance the positive features of my study skills and how I can minimize the weaknesses. I also have an opportunity to improve the effectiveness of my learning activities by adopting the strengths of other learning styles.

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