personal brand planning


Professionals and companies depend on personal labels for their career achievement and high results, respectively. Apart from determination, hard work, and teamwork, it is necessary to create a reputation and a personal brand for self-marketing (Álvarez, 2010). Reputation speaks out in most situations, particularly where one is not physically present and so both individuals and companies find it easier to achieve a competitive edge on the market. . This article is a roadmap for a personal brand in the health care administration and discusses different facets of my future work, as described in the following paragraphs.

Communication Skills

Healthcare administrators make tough decisions that influence the future of healthcare systems and facilities and thus the need to possess core competencies ranging from communication and leadership skills to professionalism. First, I will require excellent communication skills for effective relationships and interactions with different groups or individuals in healthcare such as patients, physicians, vendors, and industry leaders, among others. Excellent communication skills will assist mostly in showing respect and ensuring equality to all the individuals mentioned above despite the possible competing interests. One of the strategies I will employ to gain excellent communication skills is improving my oral skills. Also, I will learn how to listen carefully, write clearly and descriptively, and develop effective presentation skills.

Leadership Skills

Secondly, I will need proper leadership skills that have positive influence and contribution. I will have to demonstrate good character, class, and avoid hypocrisy. Leaders have the challenge of being in the front and leading by examples, hence the need for commitment to serving the people. Apart from fostering teamwork, I will recognize the priorities and personal needs of the staff and encourage other stakeholders to ensure their rights are aligned with the aspirations of the organization. Most importantly, I will take into consideration the organizational environment or climate and employ organic strategies in order to facilitate change and achieve the organizational goals.


The other core competency or skill I will need is professionalism in which there is the need to model ethical demeanors in the workforce, maintain a steady or stable composure regardless of the potential adversities, and encourage lifelong learning. A key strategy towards achieving professionalism will involve being flexible enough towards the changes in healthcare administration – I will struggle to procure relevant knowledge and information, and then disseminate. Besides, I will be keen on promoting professional or employee development by initiating various programs such as coaching, training, and mentorship, among others.

Projecting a Professional Image

Projecting a professional image to potential employers is vital for job searching and career development as it opens up avenues for employment opportunities. According to Álvarez (2010), a job seeker needs to create a positive impression reflected in behavior, body language, verbal communication, and appearance. First, I will improve my image by adopting a suitable dressing code to project a professional image. Proper presentation is crucial in showing how a job seeker is approachable, confident, trustworthy, and credible. Secondly, I will sharpen my social skills to have fruitful interactions whether face-to-face or on social media. Moreover, I will develop a positive attitude and grow my network to increase my approachability and professional networking respectively.

Job Search Strategy

Job seekers must develop a search strategy to get the right position or employer. In developing my job search strategy, I will create a list of healthcare organizations that I am interested in and get to meet people or professionals from the organizations and learn about their operations and goals. I will also send applications whenever there are opportunities for voluntary work, internships, and jobs. I will do a follow-up and ensure proper networking (using social media) to stop relying on job postings, which could limit my chances of securing a job. Further, I will attend the interviews confidently and express my interests, market my skills, and experience.

Evaluating the Search Strategy

Employing the right strategy in a job search helps to avoid wastage of resources and time. Therefore, it is important for a job seeker to evaluate their strategies to determine whether they are effective. I will know my job search strategy is effective when it helps me uncover problems or challenges with my job search tactics. Also, an effective strategy will open up ways for more interviews and facilitate immediate feedback from employers. Lastly, I will determine my search strategy is effective when it only consumes about 2% of the targeted salary.


Planning personal brands helps in career development and must be carefully structured. I will need excellent communication skills, leadership skills, and professionalism to develop my career in healthcare administration. Notably, I will employ strategic measures such as professional development and organic strategies, among others, to achieve the skills mentioned above. Besides, I will employ the right job search strategy, which will be evaluated to determine its effectiveness as discussed in the essay. The other important element is projecting a professional image in which I will sharpen my social skills, develop a positive attitude, and improve my image.


Álvarez, B. R. (2010). Personal brands: Manage your life with talent and turn it into a unique experience. Houndmills, Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan.

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