Patients with high concentrations of body fats experience greater risks of suffering from type 2 diabetes.

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Patients with elevated body fat levels experience a higher risk of type 2 diabetes. Therefore, diet is a type 2 diabetes treatment choice for obese patients, as was the case with my grandfather.
The dietician looked at the extent of the patient’s obesity, his ability to be on a diet, and the risk problems associated with the diet to dictate a diet. Because of his past bad eating habits of starchy and sugary foods, the dietician noted my grandfather’s high energy intake. Therefore, the diet recommended had to decrease its energy consumption and provide the body with adequate nutrients. The dietician advocated a diet that would provide energy intake of 400 to 500 Kcal per day that would help him reduce weight averaging 400 to 500 grams per week. To maintain a stable body weight, the patient needs the required energy for all body functions whereas excessive energy intake leads to overweight or obesity.
The dieter took the time to adjust from his usual eating habits to the newly restricted eating order. He had never tried the practice before thus making it difficult for him at the beginning. However, he got used to the diet habits and got committed to adhering to the diet requirements. He often took meals rich in dietary fiber through increased fruit and vegetable intake and taking grains rich in fiber. Taking favorite foods and attending dietary training helped the dieter to quickly adjust and commit to the diet. He took small quantities of meals at intervals of 3-4 hours.
Changes in weight loss were conspicuous beginning the second week of dieting. This might have resulted from a strained diet in the first week. My grandfather had managed to lose 700g in the second week but was able to increase weight loss as he continued dieting. It is amazing how he has managed to keep fit by maintaining the weight loss through his strict diet.
Section 2: Major Factors Contributing To My Personality Development
My personality is highly determined by my genetically inherited characteristics from my parents. My father is a quick thinker who highly criticizes an issue before rushing into a decision or conclusion into the issue. My mother is highly tempered thus mostly gets to conclusions without much analyses over an issue. I am a quick thinker with reasonably high tempers and highly sensitive to problems before getting to a conclusion. My position as my local football club leader has enabled me to control my tempers and avoid rushing to decisions. My efforts to control temper have helped in avoiding decision making for emotional reasons.
My upbringing has contributed to my sense of humor, self-esteem and my self-confidence. My family always believed in my abilities for instance as a talented performer and a focused learner. I am a happy person able to address groups and large crowds because of the confidence I gained in my upbringing. My social interactions too have benefited me in developing my self-confidence, especially in public communication. Most of my friends have been schoolmates with whom I have satisfying friendships. However, I find difficulties in becoming kind to rude friends.
My physical appearance has a great impact in developing my personality. I love my skin color and am not biased for whom I am. My interactions cut across people of different skin colors and other physical traits. Through my physical traits, am able to appreciate others and myself too. There is a close connection between my appearance and my interaction with my culture, people, and food.

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