Online Success Strategies

Time Administration Schedule\sTime


08.00-17.00 Work and class work Work and class work Work and class work Work and class work Work and class work Work and class work Work and class work Work and class work Work and class work Study and class work

08.00-12.00 study

2.00-18.00 Group projects


Resting at home


Dinner and a rest Dinner and a rest Dinner and a rest Dinner and a rest Dinner and a rest Dinner and a rest Dinner and a rest Dinner

Assignment research



Dinner and relaxation



Tools for the Mind (2006)

Name, email address, July 13, 2014,

Professor Jackie, McGrail, Spherion,

Walden University,

Dear Mr. Spherion,

I would like to make several suggestions concerning peer relations about class work that I believe need special attention.

I am concerned about peers not posting in time for other students to make appropriate responses and other peers dominating group discussions. My concern is that peers are failing to keep time and communication in group discussions. I believe that there is a need for improvement on the part of the peer’s contribution to both individual and group success. It is my hope and request that you will communicate with the rest of my peers to ensure the necessary adjustments be made for the overall success of the process.

Yours sincerely,

Technological Tools

WeVideo is an important tool that would support work online. The tool is useful in creating videos as a group thus developing a sense of togetherness (Veletsianos, & Kimmons, 2013). Scribble is an easy to use application and is important in promoting group work with other classmates by facilitating sharing of ideas and notes thus assisting in project completion. Additionally, Prezi would be a significant tool in assisting to create and enhance presentations. In saving work, google drive and the cloud are among the most important tools (Veletsianos, & Kimmons, 2013). The cloud will ensure that one has a private safe storage for all their schoolwork and they can access it at anytime, anywhere as long as there is internet connectivity (Veletsianos, & Kimmons, 2013).

Sending an Email

To send an email to a peer from the classroom, a file or just a message relaying some information concerning the classroom, there is need to have a computer, a tablet or a phone. The steps will involve opening Gmail, then clicking on compose, add the email address of the peer in the “to” field and the subject, write the message, attach the file and finally click on send.

Plan to Address Unexpected Events

In addressing unexpected events, the best plan to employ is to always have a backup storage for any classwork. This implies saving assignments in more than one location and adopting the use of external storages (Schrum & Hong, 2002). Any part of the assignment that is completed should be stored in more than one storage location to prevent loss and create a duplicate in case of any. Further, the plan involves time management and completion of assignments as soon as possible to avoid problems that occur due to sudden illness (Schrum & Hong, 2002).


Schrum, L., & Hong, S. (2002). Dimensions and Strategies for Online Success: Voices from Experienced Educators. Journal of asynchronous leaning networks, 6(1), 57-67.

Veletsianos, G., & Kimmons, R. (2013) Scholars and Faculty Members’ Lived Experiences In Online Social Networks. The internet and higher education, 43-50.

Mind Tools. (2006) Planner for the Week. Mind Tools: Essential Tools for an Excellent Career.

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