‘On the Road’ Analysis

The main goal of this assignment

The main goal of this assignment is to create a book report based on the book 'On the Road'. This book was authored by Jack Kerouac, an American writer. Mr. Jack was born on March 12, 1992, and passed away on October 21, 1969. (Grace). He died at the age of 47 from internal hemorrhage caused by his long-term alcohol consumption. 'On the Road' was published by Viking Press in both hardcover and paperback editions. It came out on September 5, 1997. (Grace).

The organization of the book

The book is organized into four sections, each with a separate chapter. On the Road is a very interesting book with a captive story; some of the main characters include Sal Paradise, Marylou, Tom Saybrook, Old Bull Lee, Dean Moriaty, Ed Dunkel, and Laura. Dean is the main hero in reference to the context. In summary; Dean Moriaty meets with Sal Paradise in the year 1947 during winter. Both of them are fascinated with one another; their relationship grows so fast to the point that they start traveling throughout the country. Dean was a big womanizer (Kerouac 56). He liked women very much. This can be proved by the fact that he had three wives and four children within three years. Despite the fact that Sal is heartbroken about his past, she still chooses to love him.

Characters and relationships

Marylou was Dean’s first wife, she was a pretty blonde lady who came from Colorado. Camille was Dean’s second wife. She got married after Dean and Marylou divorced one another. Inez was the last wife of Dean; she was a sexy brunette whom Dean had met in New York. As the story starts; we get to see that Dean and Marylou are living in Hoboken. Dean had a job at a parking lot. Their relationship is troubled to the point that they are always fighting; Marylou even sets the Police. Later, they divorce each other; Marylou goes back to Denver while Dean goes to Sal. While Dean is at Sal’s, he tries to learn the art of writing (Kerouac 16). Dean had a great passion for writing; he also wanted to be an intellectual. Sal and Dean stay together for a while until Sal starts thinking that Dean is his long-lost brother; we also get to see that Sal develops an interest in Dean’s writings.

Themes reflected in the book

‘On the Road’ is a book that reflects different themes. Some of the main themes that are reflected in this book are the theme of friendship and rejection of authority. A good example that can be used to explain the theme of friendship is Sal and Dean. Throughout the novel, it is evident that the two characters are very close, assisting one another in every situation that requires help. Both of them have a close relationship which is reflected in their frequent travels and adventures. Sal loves Dean’s madness (Kerouac 28). The theme of rejection and authority is reflected when we see that the life that Dean and Sal are trying to live rejects all the notions of authority and rule. Dean and Sal have a weird type of life that does go along with the societal expectations. Based on the book, Sal and Dean are confronted by the realities of law enforcement from one time to another.

Conflict between male and female desires

Another theme that is reflected in the book is the conflict between male and female desires. In real life, males and females have different desires. ‘On the Road’ is a novel that has received a lot of criticism as a result of Kerouac’s portrayal of male and female desires and relationships. The novel clearly reflects that both males and females have desires that cannot be compared with one another. In summary, this book mainly revolves around Dean (Kerouac 34). The novel explains Dean and his livelihood; it also explains his personal life and relationships.

Personal perspective and conclusion

From the novel, we get to see that Dean had three wives and several children. We also get to see and understand the life that he lived. From a personal perspective, it is safe to say that the novel has a captivating story that revolves around different perspectives and themes. Personally, I think that the novel is well-written and has a teaching storyline (Kerouac 54). Some people in the world have a life that is similar to that of Dean’s; the novel is a clear depiction of the current matters in the world today.


In conclusion, this novel is of a world-class level that every person ought to read. It captures some of the important aspects that are reflected by the lives of different people in the world today. This novel also serves as a teaching lesson to people who are living the kind of life that is depicted by Dean. Generally, ‘On the Road’ is a very interesting novel that everyone ought to read.

Works Cited

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