Olympic negative effect

The Olympics are globally focused tournaments, which allow the whole world concentrate on the country where these competitions take place. As such, people are committed to rooting and cheering their national teams. The Olympics bring with them the optimistic influence of promoting multiculturalism and encouraging diversity. However, these games have a negative effect. Thus, the Olympics bear massacres and ego-boosting struggle between the fortunate and dominant countries, as well as economic problems to the host country.
When the games continue, there are many examples of atrocities witnessed in the Olympic divisions. They include, among others, competitors, lawyers, and bribing. Thus, several instances have been reported where bribing cases are experienced between the competitors and the judge. The corruption is rooted on the ground of ensuring that the competitor country wins the medals.
The privileged and powerful nations are often engaged in fighting on who should dominate these games. Such sheds a bad picture to other countries, which are in the process of development. It also de-motivates the participants of these countries. Hence, hatred and enmity levels increase among individuals in different categories in these countries.
The government of the country which has to host the Olympics has to invest enormously on building the arenas for the games. This includes ensuring that other facilities that include hotels and medical services are improved. The aim is to have aesthetic values created and giving the best to the world. However, the country does not benefit a lot from these games. For example, the 2016 Brazil Olympics in Rio are considered as a total con job. Hence, the games are designed so that the foreigners can visit the country and enjoy while the citizens bears the consequences of the diversion of the government expenditures.
Some countries that include Sweden, Ukraine, and Poland had placed their bids so that they can host the winter 2022 Games. However, these countries cancelled their bids. The reason for such cancellations was either the high costs, which are involved in preparing for these games or the lack of local support to have the games run successfully. Hence, predictions have been made that the Olympics might downsize after the Rio 2016 games in Brazil.
Nations tend to host the games with a big price tag for security, infrastructure, hospitality, and many other items. However, there is no such a guarantee that the outcome of the games will contribute in generating profits for the host nations. Furthermore, it is complex to measure the economic impact of these games, which can last for several years in indirect forms. In addition, there are several intangible considerations, which are associated with these games that need careful consideration that include improved volunteer base and stronger brand for the city. All these call for intensive government investments without a surety for the return of such expenditure.
In conclusion, Olympics bring atrocities and ego boosting fight among the privileged and powerful nations, as well as economic challenges to the hosting nation. It is these negative impacts, which makes some countries that include Ukraine and Poland to place bids for hosting the games, but cancel the same immediately. This is because these countries tend to realize that they will undergo a lot of expenditures, but gain little from these games.

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