Obesity and Jung’s Theory of Personality

Based on a person's body mass index, obesity is defined as having too much bodily weight. (BMI). Obesity has seen an increase in prevalence in recent years, and both the general public and health officials have identified this trend as a serious public health problem. Researchers have looked into obesity theories, especially those that focus on the causes and effects of the condition, in an effort to better understand and address the problem. Carl Jung developed one such theory that explains archetypes and how to use them to comprehend the human mind. The personality theory also goes into depth about the various components that work together to help reveal information about a person's behavior. Jung postulates that personal preferences, perception, and judgment directly relate to a person propensity toward health and obesity (Young, 2012).

According to Jung’s theory of personality, the human psyche comprises the ego, the collective unconscious, and the personal unconscious. Although these systems are independent of each other, they constantly interact to produce the identity, feeling, thoughts and emotions in a person. On the other hand, archetypes are considered the as the roles people play in their daily lives that offer valuable insights on issues they are struggling with in life. For a person struggling with obesity, archetypes can be used as a portal into understanding the different parts of such an individual. Jung’s theory of personality also argues that a person’s way of thinking about obesity can influence how they view its treatment and prevention(Crellin, 2016). Additionally, the theory claims that identifying and indexing those with a perceiving trait helps in promoting dietary and exercise education, which would, in turn, promote health. However, it is of the essence to realize that expression, and memories have no significant effect on obesity.


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