Nutrition and Food Consumption in Saudi Arabia

The analysis and evaluation of supply trends are part of studying a given place’s diet and food consumption patterns. The method is focused on significant food per capita and supply-related variables. For example, consider the economy, which is the most crucial factor to consider when researching food consumption. During the rise in oil production, the consumption of simple foods was gradually replaced by more complex foods (Pak, 2014). Even some people are malnourished as a result of their precarious situations.
Furthermore, there is the social dimension, with most Saudis moving from their traditional culture to a western-style lifestyle and diet. In Saudi Arabia, 86% of the population are urban dwellers leaving only 14% in the rural areas (Pak, 2014). Therefore, most Saudis are likely to be assimilated into other cultures by fellow city dwellers who are mainly foreigners (8.3 million according to Department of Statistics in 2011). However, most still adhere to their culture and eat Arabic bread, rice, wheat, and wheat-based dishes as these foods constitute a great percentage of cereals in Saudi Arabia.

Finally, there is the demographic factor, and interestingly, a factor to be noted because almost three-quarters of the population consist of youths as a half of the population is 17 years and below. Many youths are not keen with their per capita consumption of macronutrients, and research shows that most of them are obese. Conclusively, many factors contribute to the dietary pattern in Saudi Arabia, and almost all are impartial to determining the health status of the Saudis. All these factors contribute both negatively and positively to the pattern of consumption in the kingdom.


Pak. J. (2014). Nutrition and Food Consumption Patterns in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

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