Nursing Informatics and Technology: Concepts and perspectives

Nursing informatics is defined by the health care information and management system as a specialization that merges nursing science, information science, and computer science to manage and convey data, knowledge, information, and wisdom in nursing practice. (Hood, 2014). Because of the continuously changing technical breakthroughs, the employment of technology in the nursing industry is becoming more common. As a result, the healthcare system is not falling behind in terms of incorporating technology into its day-to-day operations.

The use of technology in nursing may aid in the earlier identification of certain of its difficulties. For instance, with the proper use of the electronic documentations, identification of changes in the patient's status can be fastened because the information is readily available. In his case, the trending of the patient vital signs are easily accessible, and the data can be interpreted, arranged and systematized. As such, the nurse is also able to apply knowledge to formulize an appropriate plan of action.

The use of technology in nursing is an aspect that is still growing. As such it is faced with some challenges as well. A just like in any other areas of the health care, ethical issues tend to arise in the use of information technology in nursing. The principles f privacy, the patient right to autonomy and also the aspect of decision making in empanelment of their personal health information are some of the areas whereby ethical issue crop in the earth care (Blais, 2015). The patient autonomy, for instance, implies to cases whereby the patients have the right to know some of the decision that is undertaken by the nursing or the heath official. It, however, becomes unethical when such information is discriminated at the core of medical decision making.


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