Nursing as Human caring science

Nursing as a Profession

Nursing is the practice of providing care to all individuals, whether they are healthy or sick (Watson, 2912). It comprises health promotion and sickness prevention. It is an important aspect of the healthcare system that necessitates both educational and social abilities. Nursing is a calling since it entails dedicating oneself to the service of others in society.

The Nature of Human Caring in Nursing

The nature of human caring in nursing necessitates the nurse's spiritual, moral, social, and personal involvement. Nursing requires compassion, empathy, and tenacity to be effective. All patients should receive exceptional care at all times, with respect and patience. The nursing practice entails being accountable. Each nurse must take ownership of the knowledge attained and use it in professional practice. Nursing practice involves assessing peoples’ health, deciding what kind of help they need and when necessary referring them to other experts. It requires providing a conducive environment for health and recovery. It needs adequate communication of the patients’ needs to other healthcare providers.

The Role of Nurses in Education and Health Promotion

Nurses are also called upon to teach individuals, families, and the society at large about healthy lifestyles. It is effected by providing them with all the knowledge to control their health. All the above is done with utmost professionalism with regard to the scope and principles of practice, and the nursing code of ethics.

The Calling of Nursing

Nursing is more than a license to practice; it shows an individual who has compassion, is answerable for their action and behaves professionally. It is a calling to work for long hours, always getting higher education and making a difference in the lives of strangers irrespective of their personal backgrounds.


Watson, J. (2012). Human caring science (1st ed.). Sudbury: Jones & Bartlett Learning

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