New Historicism concept of the Tempest

Historical texts can be evaluated in a number of ways, and one of the most popular methods is by applying the New Historicism's tenets. The ancient texts are often described by historicists in a way that is simple to comprehend and analyze. In order to accomplish this goal, academics frequently focus more on the cultures of the characters in the narrative. From this, the author can establish a foundation for his or her ideas and opinions about the cultural context, in particular, the way of life and the relationships among the people in the community. Such interpreters believe that history is created based on the cultural dynamics of a group of individual. A critical assessment of the Tempest, by William Shakespeare, one can gain a profound understanding of the concept of New Historicism.

In the Tempest, Shakespeare introduces the audience to a societal setting made up of Prospero, Miranda, and Ferdinand among many others. Then it is worth noting that the play is set up in an island which is unnamed and this serves as an essential aspect which historians consider. The interpersonal dynamics showcased in the play can adequately help to describe the setting in the present generation (William et al. 45). A significant element to consider in the play is the fact that is set in an unnamed island which potentiality reflects the aspect of decolonization which happened in the twentieth century. Therefore, considering the view of the Historicism one can deduce that they help to construct history by examining the cultural aspect and how they reflect on the current generation.

In conclusion, it is evident that the scholarly historicists base their assessments on the overall settings of the community. The work of art by Shakespeare can be used to explain the present situations in many countries in the world. Additionally, the family relations evident in the play are significant in describing the past and the current societal setting.

Work cited

William Shakespeare. , William Woodman, and, Ted Sorel The Tempest. , 2014.

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