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Certificate IV is equal to a bachelor’s degree at the university with a period of around six months to one year. The course will take six months to two years to complete. Certificate IV of Business Administration prepares one to serve in management positions in all kinds of companies. This course offers high-quality analytical expertise of management. This paper would cover the overview of this course and the different strategies used for networking in order to be effective in the studies.
Networking refers to the sharing of resources and knowledge between communities, individuals, or organizations through the engagement and creation of contacts.
It is very crucial for the attainment of jobs, furthering of one’s career and success in studies (Ford & Mouzas, 2013). Business networking is a low cost method of marketing which is used to establish new business contacts with like-minded individuals or institutions (Orsterle & Alt, 2012). It is usually done in networking events or virtually through the use of online networking sites.

Description of the qualification

Certificate IV in Business Administration provides learners with comprehensive skills necessary to succeed in administrative management. It is delivered through online, classroom or blended learning methods. Prerequisites for this course include fluency in English and adequate motivation and intelligence levels. It is compulsory to successfully complete ten units which are identified in the Business Services Training Package in order to obtain the certificate. These units include, BSBADM406 which teaches on organizing business travel, BSBWRT 401 aids the learners to write complex documents, BSBMGT405 that provides personal leadership skills.

BSBWHS401 trains on implementation of procedures and programs to meet legislative requirements, BSBINM401 teaches implementation of workplace information system, BSBWOR501 trains on management of work priorities and professional development, BSBITU401 entails designing and developing complex text documents, BSBMGT401 regards showing of leadership in the workplace, BSBRSK401 helps identify risks and manage them and finally, BSBADM405 which trains on organizing meetings.

Main support networks

In order to achieve success in my studies and in my career, it is crucial to use support networks. I use LinkedIn which is an employment, business and studies oriented social networking service. This is my main support network because it operates via websites and mobile applications hence making it reliable. Another support network is Meetup which enables one to chat with professionals with similar interests. These networks are easily accessible as one only needs to have a computer or a cellphone with an internet connection.

To succeed using these networks, it is important to have contacts that are beneficial. My most beneficial contact is an individual who is taking the same career path as me but is at a higher level. My contact has a master’s degree in business administration and works at a high profile organization in a senior position and hence can assist be reach my career and study goals. To make the relationship effective, I contact him frequently when in need of advice or motivation. To ensure my study goal is beneficial to my contact, I consult him and sometimes assist him in business projects. So as to maintain this relationship professionalism is very crucial. Additionally, frequency in contacting each other also plays a big role.

Creating Trust

To successfully establish trust during networking, it is important to be clear on what is one’s networking goal and following up to create good relationships. One way I have created trust with some of my contacts is through reciprocating the value I receive. For instance I helped one of my contacts who is a student that I consult for insights on certain topics identify a suitable thesis for her research. Additionally, I gained trust with another contact due to being friendly and interested in helping them succeed. This is through asking questions and being trustworthy.

Networking Reflection

Prior to networking, I was hesitant of the experience as I was not aware of its benefits. One challenge I faced was slow creation of networks at the beginning of my experience. To overcome this, I had to describe myself in my profile using an elevator speech which was firm and positive. In order to negotiate with my contacts to create positive outcomes for both parties, I helped others and they helped me back. I also followed up on meetings and referrals and it was a success. To problem solve in networking, being balanced and grounded builds assurance among contacts. Personal integrity assists one overcome difficulties encountered. In order to gather feedback, I have clearly defined my objectives in my studies and as an individual while being focused and ever-ready for new opportunities. There are organizational policies that one needs to be aware of while networking. This includes, being genuine and authentic in order to build trust and relationships. Another policy is asking open ended questions in networking conversations. This shows people that you are interested in their thoughts.


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