Mythology of Greece

Creation of the earth is a naturally geared up problem purpose, which is to excite the living hobby of man. Man in the ancient era had no data on the creation, which is today derived from the various sources. However, they had their very own imaginations on how the earth and its content came into existence. In addition, it is pretty clear that some of the earth’s contents such as suffering and misery are buffing and very unfair to the present creatures. Everyone suffers and it is no doubt they all wonder why Such like questions have existed since time immemorial; hence human beings have spent a great deal of time trying to discover answers to these questions. Ancient Greeks were on top of those seeking answers to sufferings. This paper addresses the Greeks’ mythical creation of Prometheus and Pandora and their belief on the origin of evils and sufferings surrounding the human beings.According to Greeks, Prometheus was a Titan who came from the race of the great giants who ruled the earth before Zeus and other gods and goddess were born (Bremmer 34). From his imagination, Prometheus fashioned all the living creatures on earth. He fashioned water animals for sea, birds for air, and from the image of the immortal gods, he fashioned man (Bremmer 59). His brother, Epimetheus, who was brain-scattered and not as wise as he was, observed his great work and requested to be part of the creation. Epimetheus, though not wise enough, was given the mandate to distribute different qualities to the living creatures that they needed for their survival and for protection against harm and environment.Epimetheus granted animals the best qualities such as size, swiftness, and the skin (Davidson and Neil 26). However, he forgot humankind who was naked and defenseless and did not give man any gift or anything that would enable him survive. Prometheus loved man and took pity on him. He resolved to do anything that was necessary for the survival of man. He stole the sacred fire from Zeus and brought it on earth to man, risking punishment from their most high god Zeus (Davidson and Neil 47). Although, fire was meant to be in possession of gods alone, Prometheus could not sit back and watch human beings suffer.The myth states that Zeus became furious on learning what Prometheus had done. He punished Prometheus by nailing him to a rock, which was located far away from their home, Mount Caucasus (Davidson and Neil 64). Zeus went ahead to prolong Prometheus’ agony by sending an eagle to gnaw on his liver. The kind Prometheus suffered for his generosity towards humans. For Zeus, the punishment he had imposed on Prometheus was not enough; he was determined to punish the mortal men too. He ordered Hephaestus the smith to create Pandora using the same ingredients that had been used to create man (Davidson and Neil 78).Pandora is said to have been the most beautiful woman to have ever existed. She was too beautiful to bring blessings, yet was also evil enough to bring punishment to the mortal men. Her name Pandora meant all gifts because all the gods in Olympus Mountain had actually contributed to her beauty (Davidson and Neil 91). She was accorded the qualities of desire and love. Again, to ensure that the woman would bring upon sorrows to man, she was given deceitful and inquisitive qualities. The Lord of High Thunder then gave Pandora a sealed jar as a gift and she finally descended down on earth.Although Prometheus had warned his brain-scattered brother, Epimetheus not to accept any gift from Zeus since it could prove an evil source, Epimetheus could not accept the fact that anyone as appealing and as beautiful as Pandora could bring anything other than delight. He immediately accepted and married her (Nardo 74). Zeus had placed into Pandora’s mind an irresistible curiosity trait and on giving her the sealed jar, He warned her never to open it knowing clearly that Pandora could not keep her promise.Soon after settling down with Epimetheus, Pandora’s curiosity about the content of the sealed jar rose. She broke the seal and opened the sealed jar, the content in the jar flew and scattered everywhere into the air (Nardo 92). Zeus had filled the jar with evils for man, countless sickness and sorrows hovered and attacked day and night. They brought into the world hate, greed, sickness, envy, and sorrows that had never existed before.However, Pandora was fortunate enough to put back the lid of the jar before one and the only helpful spirit flew away, hope (Davidson and Neil 104). Hope was caught under the jar’s rim and could not fly away. It now became the only help that humans had after they were forced to cope with all sorts of evil that resulted from Pandora’s curiosity. The Lord of High Thunder, Olympian Zeus had completed his terrible revenge against the mortal man and Prometheus. This served as a warning to both other gods and mortals who would dare challenge his authority.Top of FormWorks Cited.Bottom of FormTop of FormTop of FormBottom of FormBremmer, Jan N. Greek Religion and Culture, the Bible, and the Ancient Near East. Leiden: Brill, 2008. Internet resource.Davidson, James N, and Neil MacGregor. Origins of the Gods: The Origins of the World ; the Olympians ; Persephone ; Prometheus and Pandora. London & Manchester: The Guardian, 2008. Print.Nardo, Don. The Gods and Goddesses of Greek Mythology. Mankato, MN: Compass Point Books, 2012. Print.Bottom of Form

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