My Life's Purpose

A decade from now

I will be an X-Ray Technician after having efficiently completed my studies. Moreover, I look forward into beginning a health care facility that will specialize in radiology services. My quality world would see me become a revered person in the society. Being an X-ray Technician, I would have earned respect from people. I will be industrious while upholding ethics in my profession. It's a occupation from which I will get a lot of satisfaction from. Since childhood I have been dreaming on how to be of help to humanity whilst making the world a better place through imparting X-Ray services to the community.

The core barrier

That could that is making my path to my future world to be quite hard is lack of focus. Since when I was in high school, I have had the problem of lacking focused direction towards what I have set and thus preventing me from reaching my desired future goal. Such of focus contributes to disruptions by life's obstacles. Despite implementing the steps to go forward, the obstacles keep pushing me back. Such barriers are also caused by friends who seem to derail me from my core focus.

To address this barrier

Towards achieving my future world, I would participate in empowering programs in the college that aims at giving students assistance on how to reach their goals. These programs are quite useful to students as they develop in their careers. Next, I would I would avoid the people and activities that seem to interfere with my core focus.

Self-regulating myself

Would be a very crucial component in ensuring that I meet my goals in life. Such would entail putting all my actions in a measurable scale so as to decide on how far I am from the goals. On the other hand, the most important strategy in overcoming the lack of focus problem is to ensure that I prioritize on my set goals and always accomplish one goal before moving to another goal. This strategy would involve reevaluating my goals often to ensure that I am in the course of achieving them and if I realize that I have gone outside the course, quick measures would be appropriate. Aligning my goals to vision would also be a good move in ensuring that I am on the right track.

College education

Will play a very crucial role in ensuring that I achieve my goals and dreams. The interactions I have with my teachers and fellow students at Brookhaven College will greatly affect my achievement of the set goals. My teachers will teach me the course to ensure that I get the knowhow of how to become an X-Ray Technician, while a positive environment in the college will motivate me towards achieving the set goals.

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