Multi-Agency Coordination

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Due to the various accruing advantages, the multi-agency management community is worth the initiative. Coordination plays a critical role in reducing, if not entirely eliminating, the risks of incidents going into safeguarding processes in the early stages. Other benefits of multi-agency cooperation include shared decision-making and an enhanced forum for the exchange of knowledge that enables the timely recognition of threats. Moreover, good collaboration facilitates collective activities which are important for risk control, evaluation, and reduction. As a comprehensive national approach at all jurisdictional levels, the National Incident Management System has adopted effective policies necessary for incident management. The coordination has proven to be paying off across spectrums of potential hazards and incidents regardless of the complexity of the issues to be handled (Anderson et al. 5). The system has further boosted fruitful coordination between private and public bodies through its well thought out activities in incident management. NIMS, through its national framework, has succeeded in uniting the local, state and federal government as well as the NGOs in responding and mitigating incidence despite the bureaucratic differences that arise.
The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has also proven to be successful in responding to emergencies and disasters. The agency has proven to be worth supporting during calamities like the Hurricane Irene after learning lessons from the response to Hurricane Katrina (Hunt et al. 529-532). In order to effectively respond to major disasters like the Hurricanes, FEMA should enact policies to effectively maximize the cooperation with the federal government to boost its measures in dealing with disasters (L. Nimmich, Joseph). Conclusively, multi-agency coordination should continue to be given support because of the fruits that are evident in the country.

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