Modernism of Ernest Hemingway

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Modernism in Hemingway’s masterpieces is evident thru the two texts in the Soldiers home and the two big hearted river. In the two big hearted river, Hemingway makes use of Nick as the man character who comes back from the war to locate the burnt down and even there are darkened grasshoppers. This shock makes him fall off the train and pursue healing for him emotional turmoil by a fishing trip. Modernity is evident by using the fact that there is extensive utilization of complex artwork and subjective meaning to things. Also, the situational irony in the two big hearted river elaborates this modernism further. The art perchance borrowed and influenced by Cezanne and makes the short story incredible. The character Nick and the elements like the river are all artistic since the river takes different forms.

In a Soldiers home the main character Krebs is used to bring out the aspects of modernity to a large extent. The book majors on the changes that occurs after Krebs returns from the war and the inner battles he finds himself in since he cannot fit in the society. For instance, he is no longer interested in girls or in a career or in making effort towards anything. He has created his own utopian world that is different from the societal norms. His mother does not understand him any longer and wills to help her son but the son is unwilling. Situational irony is also utilized in the text. The society also ideals and understanding of the war is fictional but believed and thus no one will listen to his actual experiences in the war. In considering the details, prior and after, modernism is revealed.

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