Modern Business and Work Environments

In the modern business and work environments, there is the need to set up and maintain good relationships. The wonderful relationship between employees and managers is essential in an tremendous workplace. Individuals ought to promote respect for diversity in an organization. There are a number of ways through which the administration of successful relationship can be achieved.
Develop a concise and clear business mission
The administration ought to create a well-understood mission statement and give it to each employee. In the statement, an outline of goals and motive of the business must be emphasized. Further, there is the want to explain how the developed mission statement is fitting into the personal values and roles of the employee. For example, regular meetings should be held to highlight recent activities of the firm.

Encourage Team Work

Managers are advised to implement both informal and formal team-building activities. All employees should participate and be part of the goals to be attained. Trust and respect among workers is imperative in strengthening relationships. For instance, taking part in an activity like sports creates a sense of innovation, collaboration, and efficiency in the work environment.

Creating an atmosphere for efficient and inter-personal communication

There should be an emphasis on high-performance expectations by appreciating the duties of every employee in the business. The two-way communication is paramount in fostering mutual understanding. For example, a junior employee should find it easy to approach the superiors without fear.

Setting clear and measurable goals

Every worker in the organization should be encouraged to how to go about attaining goals. Detailed job description and frequent training with feedback from managers are imperative. For instance, workers should be helped to understand the components of satisfactory work.

Rewarding employees

Acknowledging members of staff through verbal or written commendations enhance self-esteem. The supervisors ought to develop a working environment in which opportunities are sought and assistance offered.


Beneficial aspects of conflict

Engages Employees and improves competion

Conflict is considered to contribute to a large extent in employee engagement with employers. For instance, in a meeting, an idea is presented, but the most likely scenario is that everybody agrees with it. As a result, there are divergent views that make it better.

The managers get employees attention

Conflict makes workers remain focused on their duties. Essentially, conflicts allow employees and employers to devise new ways of rating to one another in the organization. For example, any action or rule that causes misunderstanding among co-workers can be resolved for prosperity.

Improves worker relationship

Conflicts strengthen the relationship among employees. After disagreements, people move to find lasting solutions to the problem. The business environment can be explored and exploited for the benefit of all members. For example, conflicts that arise from the role of the employees leads to a review and defines the boundaries for an improved work environment.

Harmful aspects of conflict


In many organizations, conflicts have contributed to the escalation of bullying among employees. As a result, employee performance is affected negatively. The impact on the overall business mission is undesirable.

Poor work relationship

When there is employee squabble, achieving the goals and objectives of the firm is hindered. Workers find it difficult to relate to one another.

How to manage conflict

There is the need to handle employee misunderstandings whether they are beneficial or harmful.

Be accommodating

Employees ought to learn how to cooperate instead of being assertive in an organization. Workers are required to show reasonableness, maintain the perspective, or keep the peace.


There is the need for employees to be able to give up an argument, demand, or desires to scale down the level of conflict in business. The ability to understand the need for dialogue and consultation is imperative in conflict resolution.

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