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The most serious issues facing millennial executives
Since their promotions to the highest management ranks, millennial executives face several obstacles. For example, older managers who have had fewer meteoric career paths are normally supposed to navigate. They are then to show their importance in the workplace to seasoned senior managers who have been in the business for a long time. Other than that, these young pioneers of the new industry face the difficulty of not admitting that they do not know a specific managerial feature. As such, they appear not to take counsel from their parents. They spend awkward moments at the workplace as they struggle to win acceptance from the older associates who expect them to portray arrogance as they make mistakes. Apparently, the older managers are aware that not many of the millennial executives will accept that they do not know particular aspects of managing the firm. Therefore, they think that allowing them to make mistakes will lead to help them learn to consult their elders who have been into the industry for long with a lot of experience.

The reasons why some companies are hiring the younger executives

There are various reasons why some companies are preferring to engage the younger generations over, the older ones. According to the article, most of the younger are highly demanded in the areas of digital commerce and the area of artificial intelligence. One of the reasons why the millennial is highly demanded in these areas is because they possess a greater interest in the technology as opposed to the older generations who are opposed to change. The older generations have less interest in the adoption and use of technology. They prefer to do things their old way. In so doing, the effectiveness and efficiency of the form may go down. On the other hand, any technological applications are a kind of interest to the millennial. Therefore, millennial will embrace change in the business trends affected by technology with a passion.

Secondly, they will facilitate the introduction of fresh ideas and perspectives that will escalate the growth and expansion of the firm. A good example of this case is Mr. Anderson who became the youngest partner ever in the management consultancy of Booz & Co. while he was 30years of age. Despite the challenges, he conceived ideas to unite his team that helped them work collectively towards the invention of better concepts of investing and growing Arrow’s online sales and design capabilities.

The essential leadership lessons for the young executives

The article provides various leadership lesson that the young executives can embrace to facilitate efficient discharge of their administrative duties. Firstly, they success depends on the ability to work efficiently with the other managers. They should never under-look the other junior manager, whether young or elder than them. They should learn to consult the older and experienced partners in addressing particular situations that pose serious challenges for their administration. More so, it is essential for the millennial leaders to learn to unite employees at the workplace because this will help them work collectively as a team towards addressing the growth and expansion needs of the firm. Finally, the young executives should devise the best mechanisms that will make each of the employees work in partnership with the rest in which case they will exchange ideas on various matters pertaining their tasks in the firm.

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