millennial perspective of the Opioid problem

New habits are formed gradually, but they are tough to break. That is exactly how addictions grow. For example, a smoker's initial puff progresses to one cigarette, and eventually the smoker is unable to go a day without smoking. Habits formed as a result of legal drug prescriptions are concerning and difficult to combat in a contentious political atmosphere. The opium epidemic creates a conflict of interests between manufacturers and the public interest, with corporations profiting enormously from sales as a substantial section of the population buys more to feed their cravings. Well-planned advertising techniques aided drug producers in marketing and distributing opium medications for medical use. For instance, they offered paid trips for medics to attend their product promotion fares and also gave for free trials to new patients popularized OxyContin prescriptions. Consequently, statistics on the deaths from the drug overdose rose steadily.

The health impacts in the crisis were initially underestimated, however, patients still got addicted despite sticking to the prescription. Poor state oversight created a favorable environment for the abuse and commercialization of the drugs. The deaths of young promising individuals were costly to the nation, after it realized that opium overdose deaths killed more people than cocaine and heroin. Unfortunately, the trend is neither limited to certain parts of the United States nor people of any particular ethnicity. Unlike America, the impact in Britain has been mitigated by moderation in opium prescriptions. The fact that its deaths exceed any other cause ever recorded in history calls for the attention of the state to save the millennial generation before opium sweeps them to an early grave.

No matter how bad the crisis is, it is not late to salvage the catastrophe since the cause of the addiction is known. Treating individuals that are already victims of opium consumption and discouraging individuals who have never used it, are practical solutions in the fight. Ensuring that the people that respond to emergencies like drug overdose have antidotes, so that victims are saved from succumbing. President Trump’s strategy to ensure that there is no inflow of illegal drugsacross the Mexican-United States border. However, certain aspects of his administration may not favor the plea to eradicate opium casualties.

Donald Trump’s outlook on drugs and his efforts to eliminate the Affordable Care Act are likely to frustrate drive towards keeping drug-related deaths at zero (Walters par.31). In addition, he does not view drug use as a problem since people have a choice of resisting them. His intention to do away with the health plan that assisted more Americans access medical insurance, could prevent more millennials from accessing help with drug addiction problems. Nevertheless, citizens should be optimistic that he might just substitute it with better health policies that will help in easing the crisis. It is alleged that the companies making huge profits from the sales of opium drugs have government protection. However, there is hope since the New Jersey Governor, Chris Christie acknowledges that the deaths need full attention (Walters par.35).

The entry of opium in the market was gradual and tactical, but the results of its over-prescription have cost the United States lives in a promising generation. There is a battle between a quest to eradicate casualties and the need for a business venture to continue making profits from the addictive opium drugs. Political support is limited, yet it would be crucial in facilitating solutions to the crisis. The accessibility of health care is currently at stake with President Trump’s intentions to remove the Affordable Care Act.

Work cited

Walters, Joanna. America's opioid crisis: how prescription drugs sparked a national trauma. 2017.

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