Maximize Training Transfer

Training Transfer: A Key Metric for Workplace Performance Improvement

Training is a vital activity in any company since it allows employees to fix their inadequacies. As a result, workplace performance improves. Nonetheless, the efficiency of workplace training programs differs. In this aspect, the most significant metric is training transfer. "It relates to the extent to which personnel may apply training skills and information to their routine work practices" (Basarab, 2013). While constructing a training program, it is consequently vital to examine the issue of training transfer.

Maximizing Transfer through Active Learning

When it comes to maximizing transfer, active learning is the most effective training strategy. The uniqueness of this action learning lies in the ability of individuals to control their learning experience. Instead of religiously following a training manual, an individual can evaluate their current knowledge base and decide what needs work. The popularity of internet-based technologies in the 21st century has had a positive impact on the advancement of action learning. As such, if an employee feels that they have a knowledge gap in a certain aspect of their work, they can use the Internet as a learning tool. Collaborative learning initiatives, which have gained popularity of late, encourage action learning within groups of employees. Since one seeks information about the knowledge they lack at the workplace, this method gives them knowledge that will be directly applicable to their workplace activities. "When successful, there is a substantive, relatively near-term business payoff" (Pedler & Abbott, 2013).

The Strengths and Limitations of Action Learning

Besides its strength of training transfer, action learning is also a very engaging process even for senior executives who tend to be dismissive in its initial stages. Additionally, it also provides a higher return on investment as compared to other training methods. However, action learning also has its limitations. Firstly, it can be very demanding in terms of time and resources. Its nature also encourages individualized development which can be detrimental to the organization as a whole. Lastly, the method can feel out of control to individuals responsible for human resources development in an organization.


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