Match the Story to the Hero's Journey

The Hero's Journey

The Hero's Journey is one of the story structures used in storytelling. It is focused on the journey of a single character and may not be appropriate for stories with a large cast of characters. For such stories, a more expansive three-act structure may be a better fit. To help you choose the right story structure, take this quiz: Match the story to the Hero's Journey. It will be easy for you to decide if this structure works for your story.

Character arc

The hero's journey involves the character overcoming various obstacles and challenges along the way. He must learn who to trust and who to hate, and he must overcome conflict along the way. The challenges present a rich opportunity for the reader to become more familiar with the hero, as well as to develop a deeper connection with the hero. This article examines the typical elements of the hero's journey and how they relate to a hero's journey.

The Hero's arc

The Hero's arc takes the form of a quest that leads to an extraordinary achievement, or the hero will become the King or Queen. This is the first Midlife or Second Act arc. The Hero also undergoes a significant change as a result of his quest, such as accepting a challenge he was previously afraid of. Once he reaches the throne, he will fulfill his duty to the Queen, a role of great responsibility.

Character development

Hero's journeys are often structured in such a way that readers can identify with the hero and identify with the conflict he faces. Character development is vital to a hero's story. In the first act of a story, the writer sets the scene and establishes the hero's character. The protagonist enters the story and is presented with his first major conflict or plot point. During the second act, the hero passes the threshold between the ordinary world and the world of the gods.

There is a conflict inside each hero as the story develops. For example, the hero must decide whether to help an ally in danger or return home to his home. Similarly, the hero must decide whether to fight for a cause he believes in or choose to return to his home. The story is not complete without these internal conflicts. As the hero progresses through the story, he will experience a change in his behavior and character.

Character interactions

The typical structure of a Hero's Journey is three acts. The first act is set-up, and in this second act, the hero faces the adversities he must face. In other words, the hero should spend half the film alone. In the third act, the hero should finally meet his or her match, and the final act is the culmination of the hero's journey.

The Hero's Journey is a powerful story structure for defining and dissecting the plot. In Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, J.K. Rowling shortened the "Resurrection" stage. While it's not as prescriptive, the concept can be applied to a novel. In fact, some authors have shortened the "Stone" stage of a Hero's Journey to make the story more concise.

Story structure

The Hero's Journey story structure is a popular formula for writing fiction. In it, a main character, also known as the hero, sets out on a quest to complete some specific task. A popular story generally starts with the hero's life in his or her everyday life, where he or she meets his or her greatest challenge, namely saving the world. In many cases, the author begins the story by presenting the character's mundane life, setting the stage for the next part of the story: the adventure.

Typically, every story follows some version of the Hero's Journey. However, the structure may not be entirely suited to a story. For instance, J.K. Rowling shortened the "Resurrection" stage in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. As a result, the story ends in a resolution. The main character also reaches the final stage of his or her journey and is rewarded for his or her courage.

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