Marriage is ideally described as the union of a man and a woman. Same-sex marriage is against common law, and it threatens both the role of the family and the institution of marriage in keeping society intact. The legalization of same-sex relationships deprives marriage of its primary function of procreation.

Marriage should be made up of the opposite sex in order to survive

By institutionalizing same-sex civil marriage, society will be forced to partake in yet another phase of de-gendering marriage. There will be more cultural and societal pressure to limit people's attitudes and thought in marriage. The society will have to come up with a more gender-neutral language such as “partner” that will fit in the same-sex marriage because the one used currently will lose its meaning. However, for a marriage to thrive, the spouses should specialize in a typical gender way. Besides, they should be attentive to aspirations as well as the gendered need for their wife or husband. For example, husbands are happier when respected by the wives, that act brings fulfillment and satisfaction and keeps them happier in their lives (Gerstmann & Evan).

Benefits of traditional marriage for men and women

On the other hand, women are happy when their husbands are hardworking and provide in the family. Based on research, the men who are marriage work harder, earn more, live longer, drink less, and are more sexually faithful to their wives. They spend more time attending religious services where they are taught good morals, which play a role in enhancing their marriage. Besides, their testosterone levels drop when they have children. Women feel a sense of security when they are close their husband, which increases confidence in them and improves their health. This is an aspect that lacks in same-sex marriages, they do not fully satisfy and in the long run partners in such relationships feel a void inside them, and it can only be filled by the opposite sex.

Arguments in support of the thesis

Same-sex marriage denies the children the right to have both parents. For every child to be complete emotionally, socially, spiritually and physically, he or she needs a mother and father figure in the family. In most cases, when homosexual couples want to have children, they use surrogate mother or vitro fertilization to create children who will live without a mother and a father. Such children develop psychological problems especially when they are around other children with both biological parents. It is quite unfortunate because such children grow up with a long view of marriage, which may affect the whole society (Powell, Brian, Natash, and Pizmony).

The kind of parenting offered by gay parents is not effective

Ideally, in a normal marriage setting, there are different roles played by a mother and a father in bringing up their children. Both of them have something to offer in each of them, which is different in a homosexual marriage. For instance, discussing some topics such as sex, in homosexual settings, parents will find it hard to convince children that sex is meant for a male and female gender. Moreover, they will find it hard to answer some hard questions from their children based on the whereabouts of their mother or father. Therefore, parenting is not effective in a homosexual marriage.

The practice of same-sex marriage isolates the marriage from its procreative purpose

Since time immemorial, marriage has always been meant for procreation. From a sociological point of view, the major purpose that is served by marriage is to secure a father and a mother for every child who is born into society. However, it quite unfortunate that gays and lesbians think marriage is meant for emotional terms. The danger with such mentality is encouraging wrong mindsets, which leads to a decline in population and create tremendous political, economic and social strain in the society. The practice of same-sex marriage will undercut the procreative norm that has for a long time been associated with marriage. Most individuals who encourage it assert that there is no link between marriage and procreation.

The expectation of paternal commitment will be diminished by same-sex marriage

In the last for decades, there have been widespread of divorce and sexual revolutions and have undercut the norm that married couples should stick to their union if they want to have children. In the 1970s and 1960s, there was widespread availability of abortion and contraception which made it much easier for the male partner to abandon their female partners when they got pregnant. Men blamed women for not procuring an abortion or using contraception during sex. This effect will be the same after legal recognition of homosexual civil marriage. Moreover, it will destabilize the norm that children can only be satisfied when they have both parents together. The same-sex marriage will lead to the idea it is not necessary to bring up children together as a mother and a father. This will be important for men who look forward to abandoning their children. With homosexual marriage, it will be easier for such men to abandon their children (Powell, Brian, Natash, and Pizmony).


There individuals arguing that people benefit from a society that is less discriminating and more accepting. Through affirming the rights of the social minority, the society is also opening the way for other political, cultural as well as other minority group. The same way the rise of women’s liberation was brought by racial equality, a genuine liberation of the gay community can lead to a liberation trend, which will make the society to be more stable. Besides, legalizing homosexuality relationships and allowing homosexual couples to marry like the rest will help in reducing violence and homophobia against the community. People from same-sex marriage have friends from heterosexual relationships and they also subjected to discriminations in areas where sex marriage is illegal. Legalization of the same-sex marriage will reduce the stigmatization associated with homosexual as well as those who support them. Besides, it will lead to the creation of a society that is more diverse, accepting and more democratic. Besides, there is a long notion that children in a homosexual marriage are subjected to suffering. No research evidence supports this notion. Various professionals and experts have asserted that children from this kind of marriages fare as well in cognitive, emotional, sexual and social functioning as children from heterosexual families.

Response to counterarguments

It is not true that legalizing same-sex marriage will lead to a diverse society but cause a decadence of morals. Accepting homosexual marriage will open ways for another form of immorality in the society. People will start engaging in other activities that will augur well in the future of society. Therefore, same-sex marriage should not be accepted because it has no positive impact on the people. Besides, it is not that people in the homosexual marriage are discriminated. They are loved and accepted but isolated by others who disliked this behavior. The government should set strict measures against everyone engaging in a homosexual relationship because it goes against the morals as well as the accepted norm from a higher percentage of people in larger society across the globe (Gerstmann & Evan).

Psychological consequences for children in homosexual families

It is apparent that children in homosexual families are subjected to psychological torture because they cannot explain how their parents are from the same sex. They are mocked by other children, which worsen their situation. In adulthood, they are confused because they do not know which relationship to engage in. they have many unanswered questions based on the manner in which they see their homosexual parents doing that is different from others in heterosexual relationships.


Homosexuality marriage relationship should not be practiced. Its disadvantages far outweigh the advantages. If it fails to be controlled, the society will highly be affected in the future. The government and other relevant authorities need to look at this issue keenly so that they can make a well-informed decision. Most of the people who engage in homosexual relationships have been found to have some psychological problems, and all they need is counseling so that they can change their sexual orientation. Therefore, some conditions relating to this form of relationship can be controlled. The government should focus on those which can be controlled while looking for other specific ways to help those that are beyond help. In the long run, homosexual relationships will no longer be an issue of major concern to the society.

Work Cited

Gerstmann, Evan. Same-sex Marriage and the Constitution. Cambridge University Press, 2017.

Powell, Brian, Natasha Yurk Quadlin, and Oren Pizmony-Levy. "Public opinion, the courts, and same-sex marriage: Four lessons learned." Social Currents 2.1 (2015): 3-12.

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