management of customer experience

Customer Experience

Customer experience requires any point of interaction where the customer deals with a company, product, or service. According to Steve, the founder of Apple, one of the hardest aspects in a coherent, bigger vision that will help you to sell a lot of goods a year is to consider the perspective of the consumer. In order to increase the number of products, you have to start with consumer service and work backward on technology, he said that you can't start with technology and then decide and find out where to market it later (Jobs & Beahm, 2011). This method has been fully utilized by both apple and HP and that is why they have been rated best for customer experience in the United States according to a study carried out by Temkim Group. Apple was rated the best in the computer sector with a rating of 64% with HP getting the second place with 62%.

My Experience with Apple and HP

As someone who does video editing often and having to overcome the first generation redesign is really what apple mac is able to offer. Regardless of all the argument about apple, one thing for sure with apple is that it has the best build quality for a computer. Apple mac comes in at just 1.5 centimeters in thickness and the way the entire computer is machined is just incredible.

As for the HP, I have a quiet some experience with their latest model arguably the world’s thinnest laptop called the Spectre (Schifferstein & Hekkert, 2011). This computer comes with all the features just like the others, so basically the consumers are giving nothing up for the extra portability. Unlike other ultra-thin computers in the market, I found out that with this model, you are not giving up connectivity since there are multiple ports. It also comes with an adapter where you can attach multiple USBs. Something else attractive about this computer is that you can actually configure it with either a core i5 or a core i7 processor. Lastly, one of my favorite things about this HP computer is the hinge design, super smooth but a very unusual one because it uses some piston technology.

The Poor Experience of Apple and HP

A good number of people use mac for non-gaming tasks but personally I like gaming when I am free. One notable thing about mac computer is that they are not particularly designed for gaming and typically not a very upgradable machine and since technology in gaming moves very fast, mac is not the computer to keep up with or rather it cannot keep up with the gaming pace. Going back in the around the early 80s, Mac has a reputation for having the best gaming on it while HP had more of a reputation for a functional device like spreadsheets, word processing and other office functionality. As for HP, some of the poor experiences I had with it is that the first week that I bought the pavilion, the microphone completely broke and after that the audio would just occasionally cut out and to rectify that I had to restart the computer. Another thing is that the computer occasionally freeze probably because it was not compatible with windows 10.

Pain Points

A pain point is similar to asking questions and finding out more about the clients, what they deal with on a daily basis. It includes also setting up meetings with customer and having questions that uncover a specific need that the customer deals with on a daily basis with the goal of minimizing it or taking it away completely (Caru & Cova, 2013). The goal is to make the clients see the value in working with you without you really having to tell them why. Customer experience management ensures that these pains are avoided and that more customers are purchasing their products. Some of the pains includes obstacles which prevent customers from getting started with their work. Another kind of pain is undesired outcomes. For example, gamers who are enthusiastic and who operate with mac find it hard to upgrade from one version to another. This is seen as an obstacle for mac users. For the HP users, they are also faced with some kind of pain since as for my case where I had a problem with the microphone, which meant I was blocked from achieving some of my work like calls.

Positive Experience with Mac and HP

Despite the negativities associated with Mac and HP, there are some outstanding pros in using either. Apple mac operating system has some powerful productivity and multimedia apps with some video editing iMovie editing functions. HP as well has some jettisoned windows movie maker and this makes them very crucial for those people who like documenting. Another advantage that mac has over HP is that installing windows is easier although this does not necessarily mean that other PCs will encounter problems when upgrading or installing but as mentioned above, some HP have problems with some windows versions.


Both companies are coming up with new and classier specs. They are the main computer models in the market coming up with better processors speeds, monitor screens and resolutions. Another notable thing is that the esthetic of these computers are very different from the others in the market which keeps customers coming back for more.


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