management of a project

Our company is committed to broadening the spectrum of activities in order to meet the demands of its clients. We are aiming to launch projects that will trigger business demand. Higher market share interprets high profits as having an effect on our financial wellbeing. In order to produce positive results, a number of factors need to be discussed correctly. For example, sufficient resources are required to increase marketing activities, as well as inventories to satisfy the growing demands of the industry. The project will entail hiring more staff who are well-acquainted with marketing operations and customer support. It will be launched on 1st November 2017 up to 30th January 2018. The best hiring companies will be involved to ensure that skilled employees get employed. Also, extensive training will be carried out to enlighten our employees on how to enhance client satisfaction in pursuit of market growth.
Milestone 1- partnering with hiring and marketing companies
Milestone 2- hiring of the required marketing personnel
Milestone 3- conducting appropriate training programs
Milestone 4- project evaluation every fortnight
Success: Success will be evident during and after the project’s execution. The marketing department will ascertain that clients are well-informed of the company’s products and services for an easy realization of goals.
Communication Finance Management Customer Use email and social media platforms Set enough finances for the project CEO to oversee every operation Gather customers’ feedback on the company’s initiative Use Television and Print mediums Conduct proper budgeting Managers to report to the CEO and Company directors Keep the customers informed of all developments Conduct follow up on customer opinions Oversee all operations to cut unnecessary costs Employees will report to the project manager Address all the customers’ need
Market Growth in 2016

Customer satisfaction in 2016

Goals and Objectives Phase 1
Phase 1 Goals Objectives First meeting with all stakeholders before 1st November 2017 Explore the project’s requirements
Review the partners’ capabilities and roles
Evaluate the project’s scope
Determine how to handle risks Contract preparation and signing before November 4th, 2017 Review all contracts extensively
Choose the best partners Marketing and client support briefing on 5th November 2017 Inform all participants of their responsibilities
Explore the market’s needs and the company’s capabilities
Provide any needed information Personnel evaluation by 5th December 2017 Ensure that all employees meet the company’s requirements
Provide them with the required support
Goals and Objectives Phase 2
Phase 2 goals Objectives Hire ten employees before 10th December 2017 Inform them of their duties and responsibilities
Keep them well-informed of the project’s needs Employee training by 17th December 2017 Explain to them all details regarding the business and project’s scope
Offer extensive internal and external training
Explain to them the customer’s culture and interests. Team functionality on 20th December 2017 All employees will be able to execute their duties with ease.
Scope, Timeframe, and Participants
Phase 1 Timeframe Stakeholders Meet all stakeholders on 1st November 2017 CEO, marketing manager Contract preparation and signing on 4th November 2017 Marketing companies, potential employees Briefing client support and marketing personnel on 5th November 2017 Company executives, marketing staffs, and client support Personnel evaluation on 5th December 2017 (Milestone 1 accomplished) Marketing and customer support personnel.
Phase 2 Timeframe Stakeholders Hire partners on 10th December 2017 (Milestone 2 Accomplished) Human resource managers, marketing staffs, and customer support personnel. Partner training on 17th December 2017 (Milestone 3 accomplished) Customer support and marketing personnel Project execution 20th December 2017 (Milestone 4 Accomplished) Marketing, customer support, and marketing managers.
Possible Risks
Company culture- partners can take long to get used to our company culture, hence affecting operations.
Huge operational costs- reaching out to the market is costly and will require an effective utilization of resources.
Competition- Other business rivals may prove to be aggressive towards attracting and retaining customers
Terms and conditions consideration – All parties will be required to observe all the policies.
Hiring operations – hiring will be done by professionals to ensure that the right personnel conducts the market growth initiative.
Professionalism – all partners will be needed to embrace ethics and commitment to the project’s success to be achieved.
How to Evade Risks
Partnerships: For purposes of evading the aforementioned risks, we have sought several marketing companies. This aspect will enhance choosing the one that is best suited to expand our market share.
Costs: proper budgeting will be carried out to eliminate wastage and for resources to be utilized appropriately.
Once the project is terminated in 2018, there are various outcomes that we will have achieved.
Establishment of long-term working relationships with all partners.
An expanded market that will increase our profitability.
Extensive interactions between the company and all potential customers.
A high competitive advantage in the industry.
Market expansion is our goal in this project considering the benefits involved. We are thus investing in marketing to ensure that all potential clients are reached by our marketing agents. With various risks capable of arising, our staffs are well-equipped to ensure that all negative effects are evaded. Between1st November 2017 and 30th January 2018, the company will succeed in addressing all its clientele’s needs, thereby achieving its financial goals and objectives.

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