Management Compare and Contrast

The expansion of leadership base in post-bureaucratic societies

The expansion of the leadership base, where more people are equipped with leadership skills, has been one of the most dramatic aspects of the managerial transition from a bureaucratic to a post-bureaucratic society. Consensus-based decision-making, as opposed to command and regulatory enforcement, has altered workplaces by promoting participation from all staff members. The organizational structure, however, goes against Weberian ideals of recognizing talent and creating a hierarchy to specify tasks. The German sociologist, who asserts that centralizing authority is the most effective method of organizing activity and controlling people, is echoed by Massey (2011, p. 24). Nevertheless, companies that have adopted non-bureaucracy prototypes such as total quality management and matrix management, as the case of ISE Communications, are benefiting from the stress on soft power. The theoretical propositions of openness, meta-decision making rules, and horizontal distribution of authority have ensured smoothness in delivering innovation and change when compared with the bureaucratic systems. Langfred (2013, pp.355) confirms the gain, where he notes that the utilization of concertive control, where the company's values guide employees over influential figures, has made post-bureaucratic framework the most practical design of ensuring satisfaction, delivering change, and boosting productivity.


Langfred, C.W., 2013. To be or not to be autonomous: Exploring why employees want more autonomy. North American Journal of Psychology, 15(2), p.355.

Massey, A. ed., 2011. International Handbook on Civil service systems. Edward Elgar Publishing.

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