Major League Baseball

Customer Expectations

Customer expectations are rising at a greater speed than the use of steroid in Major League Baseball, and unfortunately, companies are taking much time to reply to these needs. Customers are quick to judge a company relying on its response to their new expectations, and if the company is slow in responding, there is every threat that the reputation will be tarnished.


Being a customer of Central Banco, I had certain expectations for the enterprise to meet. First, I was expecting a good relationship with the Central Banco due to entrusting them with my money. A good relationship with the bank means being able to receive updates concerning their services and any systematic change. I should deposit and withdrawal my money anytime and anywhere in the country using their bank cards without a problem. The service process should be smooth and efficient. I know it might be difficult for a bank to meet or exceed customer expectations due to the nature of financial business, but at least it should show a sign of commitment and competence in trying to solve such problems when they occur (William, 50).

Being a service company, the bank should respond quickly and listen to customer problems. I am sure that no customer will like being treated in rudely and abruptly manner. As Therefore, I expect my bank to listen to my problems and to have knowledge on how to help me overcome them (William, 49). It is easier for a customer to identify abrupt or rude treatment than being served well. Finally, I expect my bank to portray positive attitude, verbal skills and high proficiency in their service delivery (William, 50).

My Encounter

For some time, I have been enjoying the service of Central Banco until I encountered a withdrawal problem, which happened around 9.30 am when I conducted a withdrawal. I did not receive the funds, but my balance indicated a deduction. Since I was in dire need of the cash, I opted to visit the bank for explanations. I was surprised by the manner they handled my case. I kept waiting as they were confirming the transaction. After 30 minutes, I was transferred to the next desk, and the process kept on going. I was embarrassed and felt like withdrawing my membership from the bank. I decided to talk to the Operational Manager who solved my problem after a long process.

My Service Rate and Reasons

I spent a lot of time waiting and shifting from one office to the other. I was not happy with the way they handled my case. Therefore, I will rate it 4/7 (not satisfied). Such rating is as a result of too much time spent waiting.

My Reaction and Areas of Improvement

I was embarrassed because a big bank like that must have a clear channel of solving such cases. How can they keep a client waiting for almost 3 hours? It is shameful for a renowned company to experience such petty issue and fail to solve it on time. Central Banco needs to improve in it service delivery and customer service. The managers should act as the bridge between the employees and organizational culture (William, 79). That way, employees will work toward achieving set goals.

I have been using the services of this bank for quite some time, thus withdrawing my membership for a single issue can be hard. However, if I continue experiencing such issues, I will have no option left. With that respect, I will rate it 6/7 (likely) to visit the bank.

Work Cited

William B. Martin, Quality Customer service. Menlo Park, CA: Crisp Learning, Inc 2001.

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