Literary Structures and Techniques

The tension between the realistic and fantastical worlds is explained in the text With One wheel gone wrong. The literary form supports the contrast between illusion and truth theme. It is an analysis based on inspiration that makes references to human attitudes and the factors that shape people's ideas. In essence, the main factor that affects how the narrative progresses is the manifestation of the conflict between reality and fantasy.

First off, the story's setting functions to emphasize how constrained the main character's circumstances are. She is restricted to a store while performing regular tasks. The allusion is a reflection of the conventionality in one’s life and the impositions of familiarity which may impede the quality of life. The allusion to the itch provides a reflection of the restlessness in the character’s life. The conflict in the story is manifested when the character is drawn into a beautiful picture and imagines herself within the setting in the picture. She is enthralled by the experience. The resolution of the narrative is offered by her unkind awakening back into her routine life. Her ephemeral experience had come to a halt. The allusion to “paper or plastic?” serves to reinforce that her experiences were a fantasy of the mind.

Some of the literary devices that have been used by the author in the narrative include diction where the author uses a set of words to describe the character’s exuberance. The author infers “an explosion of inspiration, a fleeting illumination”. Alternatively, the use of imagery allows the reader an insight into the mind of the character. The description of the beautiful house reinforces the character’s emotions.

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