Link Between Organization and Individual Goals

To be successful, a corporation must consider the individual goals of its personnel (Alagaraja & Shuck, 2015). This is due to the fact that people are the most important asset to a company while also being the most expensive. For a company to do successfully in its operations, it must ensure that its personnel are productive (Gittens, 2012). When an organization effectively and tightly links individual goals with the overarching plan of the corporation, it promotes employee and corporate performance (Gittens, 2012). The leaders should ensure they inspire the employees to maximize their efforts through making incentives, ensuring that employees pursue their goals with more value and engaging them (Gittens, 2012).

Resistance to Change

Employees resist change due to the fear of the unknown where a change may be implemented without informing the employees and other stakeholders of any impending alterations (Quast, 2012). This is particularly more evident when a change is perceived as negative by the employees and the managers do not make an effort to inform the employees about the need and the benefits of the changes (Quast, 2012). They may also resist change due to lack of trust. Leaders must strive to establish rapport with the employees and create trust which will be effective in reducing resistance to change (Buckley 2013). When employees mistrust the leaders they often will not agree to any changes that may need to be implemented. Resistance is also common in situations where the company needs to downsize since it leads to a loss of job security for most of the employees (Quast, 2012). This is because employees have fear of either losing their jobs or being transferred to other departments against their will (Quast, 2012). Additionally, the individual perception of change among employees could contribute to resistance. Therefore, organizations should strive to ensure they employ the right strategies to prevent change resistance (Buckley 2013).


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