lifestyles of literature authors

I concur that learning about writers' thoughts, personalities, and the works they produced is helpful in understanding the significance of historical criticism. However, this meaning could be further developed by concentrating on the social environment in which these writers lived and how this environment's forces shaped their writing. The writers were greatly influenced by their social, political, economic, religious, academic, scientific, and cultural contexts. Understanding these settings is therefore essential. The author used the French Revolution as an illustration, detailing how it affected social, religious, and political spheres. However, the economic theory might have also helped in comprehending the French Revolution. Marxists and Postcolonial Marxist provide a good comprehension of the modern cultural studies. It is true that critics in this time focus on economy, society and labor thoughts as a predictor for the end of capitalism. There is a need to consider the political environment, which influences the social structure in communities, as well as their cultural practices. These critics were only specific on the three elements, but forgot to detail the political aspect. Moreover, postcolonial critics focused on the examination of history based on the population, which was colonized. The author has illustrated this in an effective manner by giving good examples of the same. It is also worthy to note good referencing in APA is adopted using the modern system that involves the inserting of the page numbers for the direct quotations from external sources.

The author has also provided a clear difference between Marxist and Postcolonial critics. The difference has been illustrated through the use of examples from different readings. In addition, the author has organized the article effectively with clear paragraphs, which illustrate detailed research on the topics.

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