Legalization of marijuana research essay

Cannabis sativa, often known as marijuana, is becoming more accepted by the general population not only in the United States of America but also in many other nations across the world. According to recent surveys, marijuana use is becoming more prevalent and is supported by more than half of the states. They are attempting to make the substance legal. It is significant to remember that the Drug Policy Alliance (DPA) believes that marijuana should be kept out of the criminal justice system and subject to the same regulations as other drugs like alcohol and cigarettes. (Christine, 2007) It is high time the government should stop prohibiting the drug and should advocate them to create a new-fangled, well-controlled marijuana firms to improve its economic power. (Goode, 2017)


There is increased public support for cannabis sativa law reorganizations than before, with new studies suggesting that more than half of citizens in a particular country are backing up the legalization of the drug. The DPA (Drug Policy Alliance) have faith that marijuana should face the exit from the courts. They are advocating that the use marijuana should control like alcohol, miraa, and tobacco. The DPA is presently agitating that the drugs should be legalized in the following states; New York and the New Jerseys (Goode, 2017).

New measures of the drug reforms are working to legalize the drug and deploy tax and regulations measures like for other drugs and including the age limits. It should be fair-minded, and they will address its harmful effects to the public at large. Regulate trade unions are enhancing the end of prohibition in New York and New Jersey.

The government should decriminalize the use of the marijuana because of the following reasons: it will aid in curbing the harm posed to the youth’s admission, and it will help to create employment opportunities for its citizens. Also, it will increase the financial and economic power in the formal sector rather than the black market. Furthermore, it will save the money that is being utilized to pay the judges in the court and the state governing bodies will generate income since they will impose a tax on the marijuana sales. Lastly, it will enhance that the specialists will eradicate consumer safety since there will be frequent tests concerning the use of marijuana and the toxic components. (Christine, 2007)

Tetrahydrocannabinol, the active ingredient of the marijuana, has been found to have excellent health benefits like bringing up the right feeling, it controls the epileptic seizures. Also, it can be used to treat the inflammatory bowels diseases and reduce the effects of Alzheimer’s syndrome. Notably, the chemical compound found in marijuana aids in stopping the cancerous cells from diffusion and can be utilized in treating glaucoma. It can help in reversing the effects caused by tobacco.(Jordan, 2005)

It is of importance to note that it has got harmful effects like causing memory blockage, causing body imbalance. Also, it surges up the risks of depression, and the users may experience the psychosis effects. When over abused, it may result in addiction and can clutter your emotions

Literature review.

The authorization of marijuana appears to be probable despite the clashes of opinions in the society we are living at. It is on the weighing scale that if it is made legal who will it benefits, will it advantage the government of the countries or it will prejudice the party. In spite of being declared illegal by the federal regulation to many states, it is being utilized by the vast majority in the country. Most of the people saying that it is having a significant drawback to the government since they are not earning from it via taxing it. Legalization of the drug has been fought over the years. Marijuana debate started in the late 1920s, but by early 1940 it was brought to an end by the federal law of drugs. In 2012, the likes of Colorado and Washington brought the debate on again, and they legalize it. Oregon’s voters decided to maintain their rules the way they are. Majority of the peoples still feels that the cons outweigh the pros and that is the reason why it is illegal yet. (Goode, 2017)

The historical events that caused the marijuana to be illegal are the hemp type of marijuana which has got low concentrations of THC. Tetrahydro-cannabinol was found to be having psychotic effects on the brain, and it enhanced blockage on the brain and could lead to depression among its users.(Christine, 2007)

The reason, why many federal government states want to legalize, is that marijuana has got a medicinal component that can be utilized in treating deadly diseases such as cancer/tumor and glaucoma. Also, it has been employed as a pain reliever, treating nausea and combating eating disorders. (Jordan, 2005)

Vast of the peoples feel that if marijuana is legalized, it must have similar effects like the way alcohol and tobacco are being utilized. They also think if they put an age limit, the younger ones will still consume it. It will have some detrimental effects on the society. Hence, it should be made illegal.


The following are the hypothesis of the study

To what extent does the personage, political viewpoint, and education level influence a person likely to support the legalization of marijuana?

Is the authorization of Cannabis sativa is associated with its use by people in an adolescent?

Can protesting and voting push the government to legalize the use of marijuana?


The following methods were employed:

Employed by social networking sites, the youth and old people services agencies, 1500 older adults and 1500 youths were randomly sampled via questionnaires from the 48 states in the united states.

District of Jamaica testified their use of marijuana youths and was compared with the marijuana authorization in the US

Results and observation.

The study is unsuccessful to show the relationship between the youths and the use of bhang this is because of the laws and the regulation concerning the marijuana use. The law prohibits the drug use.

There is increased use of bhang by the older people at 60%, and they were advocating the government to mitigate the issue and legalize the drug.

People who are aware of the marijuana effects (both the youths who are schooling and the older people) advocated that the government should legalize the drug since it has got many therapeutic effects than harm.

The older people (55% of the interviewees) said that the government should legalize since it will boost its economic power via taxing the sales of marijuana and it will increase employment opportunity.

They also encourage the use of demonstrations and voting for the government to reduce the sanctions. It will influence and stimulate the government to do so.


Findings from the youths and the older people who are working with the government agencies propose that the government should mitigate the issue and reduce the sanctions imposed on marijuana this is because of the following reasons:

It will create employment to the youths /older and boost government revenues

It has got many medicinal values, and therefore it will enhance drug development. i.e. drugs of cancer

It will improve consumer safety

Also, it will aid in eradicating the cartels and people who are operating in the black market

It helps in reversing the effects of tobacco.

They also pointed out that use of marijuana should be regulated since it has got harmful effects to its users as described above in the abstract.


To conclude, the results advocate and purports the government to legalize the marijuana. This is because it has got many advantages than the disadvantages. It also shows that the following states New Jersey, New York, Vermont, Michigan, Kentucky and Florida are about legalized the use of the drug. The report encourages the government to create policy and governing bodies that will control the selling of marijuana. If someone wishes to help, one can link or form groups with similar interest to push for this agenda.(Goode, 2017)


Marijuana/ cannabis sativa legalization and Tetrahydro-cannabinol (THC).

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