Legal and Political

If we picture a scenario where nearby towns have chosen to collaborate on firefighting efforts. The personnel in these new departments are conscious of the regional and local risks they may encounter. Depending on the number of years of expertise, they have all received quality training. The new department is able to upgrade facilities and provide better tools thanks to cost savings. These findings ought to result in an improvement in the level of support they provide. In these circumstances, it is possible to experience the opposite because the fire departments' previous predecessors may have had their own distinct traditions, plans, and methods of operation. All these problems can be avoided if any new organization tries to implement a written guideline that defines how operations should be conducted. The guidelines are usually referred to as the Standard Operating procedures (SOPs)

Key words: Fire department, SOP, political and legal

Describe what fire departments have done in your particular state to develop a similar SOP that addresses emergency response on certain runs

Michael’s Fire Department in our state realized a huge decrease in vehicle accidents after the introduction of an SOP which required every passenger including the driver to have a mandatory seat belts. The driver of any Fire department vehicle will be fully responsible for the safe operation of the vehicle. In case the driver is under any supervision of any officer or acting officer, both the officers will be responsible for all the deeds of the driver. The driver is not allowed to move any fire department vehicle until there is assurance that every person is seated and secured with the seat belts in an approved riding position (Bennett, 2008)

Every passenger who is to ride in any fire department vehicle should be seated and fully secured by the seat belts at any given time a vehicle will be in motion. The act of riding on the side steps of a vehicle, running boards or even in any other exposed positions including riding while standing is highly prohibited an will lead to sentence. The members of the department are not required to wear seat belts when performing any medical care which might be an emergency when the vehicle is in motion (Angle, 2016)


To conclude, managers of any fire department need have a proper guide to develop an effective Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) in order to cub any emergency case likely to be experienced within the department. These will helps in achieving the mission, vision and the key objectives of the fire department. In these circumstance the fire department has introduced the use of mandatory seat belts to reduce the accidents likely to occur.


Bennett, L. T. (2008). Fire service law. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall.

Angle, J. (2016). Occupational safety and health in the emergency services.

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