Joseph Campbel and bill myers- The power of Myth

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The Power of Myth by Campbell and Moyers is a dialogue between journalist Moyers Bill and mythologist Campbell Joseph. The dialog is about the images and myths of civilization. Based on these discussions, the novel is a sensational work of literature that catches the imagination of readers. The author seeks to explain how myth affects people in the contemporary world and why their lives are similar to the marvelous character that exists in the old narratives (Campbell and Bill 3). Campbell thought that mythical characters work as models of social possibility. In this regard, they face various challenges and their subsequent action provides an idea about how life should be handled.

For this reasons, the first impression created from this reading is that to classify ourselves with characters such as Arjuna who was a young warrior in the Bhagavad-Gita we agree that this character has something to educate us. In addition, the characters offer a guide for people spirit fitting all persons. In addition, the book creates an impression that there is a plan for every experience or cycle of life, which humans may go through. In fact, many different people and culture formulate the mythology, establishing a universe’s song (Campbell and Bill 3). I also noted that utilizing the myth, all practices cab be endowing while without it, life turn out to be a meaningless sequence of difficulties.

Strengths and weaknesses of the article

The book presents several strengths and weaknesses. Precisely, the book demonstrates its strength by encouraging people to adhere to our bliss. In this respect, our bliss refers to a passion, work or activity with the command to endless attract. Indeed, the mythology suggests that such an activity is unique for human life although it may be used as a total disbelief, and they may oppose it for years (Campbell and Bill 10). More importantly, it is very clear from the readings that people should not pay close attention on the myth in order to understand the significance of life. Instead, the myth is a tool that can be used to value the journey of being alive. The book also pointed out those unique matters takes place in the people lives but they may oppose it for years.

However, the mythology exhibited certain level of weakness. For instance, although the authors suggested that myths are good for human pleasure, they failed to identify the type of myth that delivers an objective fact. Moreover, the interpretation of different myths is subjective because it relies on the individual’s interpretations (Campbell and Bill 10).

Major themes or points of the article

The major themes of this book are about adhering to ones bliss. Campbell uses the Wheel of Fortune to symbolize the human life. Specifically, the wheel possesses a hub, glowing out of its edge. Human on its edge, either move up or down, thus enjoy the great lows and highs. In contemporary world, pursuing rewards such as good salary or power represent the edge-hanging items. Subsequently, people encounter changing cycles of pain and pleasure (Campbell and Bill 11). On the other hand, the authors imply that people must concentrate on their bliss, which holds their passion, work, or activity with the authority of infinite fascinate.

Significant passage that supports the main theme of the article

The author depicts bliss as the passage that has continuously waited for people, with ‘unseen hands’ appearing to help them entice the suitable circumstances for the achievement of their jobs. The author also utilizes mythological terms (Campbell and Bill 13). For instance, he argues that bliss is symbolized by the Cosmic mother that guards an infinite well contributing protection, joy, and solace from ordinary addition, the book submit that a leader is an individual who observes what can be performed and achieves it. On the other hand, a hero’s journey features creation of something original. Therefore, in the modern business perspectives, the people concentrates on innovation, hence individual journeys turn out to be very essential (Campbell and Bill 13).

The relations of the reading to our own gender experiences, class and ethnicity

The reading illustrates the relation to gender experiences, class, and ethnicity. In fact, the conversation between Moyers and Campbell seems to suggest that people should not concentrate on the myth to realize the meaning of their lives. In this regard, issues such as ethnicity, class and gender experiences should not act as a barrier that prevents people from embracing the suitable things that life can offer (Campbell and Bill 14). Furthermore, such factors should not be a hindrance to their depth and romance. More importantly, the imagery and stories that people possess in their heads are only a tiny proportion of what is existing in the world. Therefore, they should not allow issues like tribe to restrict their passion.

Ways to link the reading to the contemporary world/other reading

The reading can be linked to the contemporary world because can harness their bliss to realize their goals in life especially, on business, career and life. Precisely, engages in activities that reflect ones passion helps to motivate an individual to become very effective. Therefore, a person climbs to success more effectively and easily in a ladder (Campbell and Bill 14). Bliss also inspires an individual to be creative in generating ideas and realizing solutions. Furthermore, the author noted that people would be satisfied with their jobs and hence become fully happy hence focus on success.

Significant idea or interesting fact to share with friends

Based on the reading of The Power of Myth, it is evident that myths expose to humans the incredible potential. Therefore, it is important for friends to understand that many people embrace the desperation and sadness of inauthentic lives, existing without their happiness or not acknowledging it exists in their lives (Campbell and Bill 14). For this reason, friends should ensure that they have a human myth that promotes their own dreams and experiences. Additionally, friends must use human myths to pursue their enjoyment and self-knowledge instead of exaggeration of the ego.

Reasons why I like or don’t like the material

One of the ideas I like about this material is that myths encourages human beings to realize their potential. Specifically, the material tends to point out that all persons have a chance to become a hero. Therefore, they have the power to determine their destiny in their lives. Secondly, human must pursue careers, business and activities that eliminate their desperations and sadness of inauthentic lives (Campbell and Bill 14). On the contrary, I do not entirely embrace the material because not every kind of myth that illustrate an objective truth. Therefore, people cannot be certain that such materials are delivering the appropriate truth in life (Campbell and Bill 15).

My Questions

The book does not explain how mythology can be integrated into the classical studies in order to create awareness of the foundations of crucial principles. In addition, questions linger on how mythology can be incorporated into technology as well as in the daily lives of the people. The authors accept that in the modern society there is no mythology, which can help the people to link to their responsibilities in this world (Campbell and Bill 10). Finally, it is not clear how mythology principles can be used to unify different groups in a country such as the United States.

Work Cited

Campbell, Joseph, and Bill Moyers. The power of myth. Anchor, 2011. Print.

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