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As a management program student, I have recently come to be aware that Jose Mujica, the Uruguayan president, has caught my interest due to the fact that he is the poorest President in the world. The article continues me thinking of how a person with such authority in the arms does not use it to increase his monetary situation. Before reading the article, I never thinking it was possible for a leader, in particular a president to be living below the requirements of his or her subordinates. Jose Mujica stands out as a symbol of true chief because I believe the integrity with which he governs the humans of Uruguay is thrilling. The confidence with which he leads his people is very inspiring; he is a true example of a common person who is not poisoned with power, as he lives on his wife’s farm growing flowers, so it makes him relevant to the leadership study. He has only two guards living with him unlike most of the presidents and world leaders. Such characteristics portray him as an inspirational manager who is friendly with everyone and should be emulated. The real qualities of better leadership that he shows are relevant to the leadership course.
The transparency with which he governs the nation by pushing for legalization of cannabis is impressive. Jose provides an example of a leader who believes that the substance does not destroy people but rather the people damage themselves by forgetting who they are. From this perspective, I have come to note that a leader like Jose Mujica will nurture the subordinates to do what is right rather than shunning them away by hiding behind strict rules. Therefore, I believe the willingness to serve and not to expect anything in return as Jose Mujica does is relevant to the leadership program.

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