Join the SkyWings of Fire in a Fight Against the Dragonets in Wings of Fire

Sutherland's Inspiration

Sutherland first became interested in writing about dragons after being encouraged by her agent Steven Malk to do so. The result is Wings of Fire, a series of books about dragons who fall in love, have adventures, and struggle with problems just like humans do. While they may be mighty creatures, dragons are essentially just kids with magical powers. In Wings of Fire, we follow the adventures and challenges of three dragons: SkyWings, HiveWings, and Chameleon.


The SkyWings of fire have been battling for power and dominance for ages, but they're facing a new threat: dragonets. In a new game, you can join them in a fierce battle against the vile dragonets, and the battle is sure to be exciting! But who are the SkyWings of fire and how do you join them? Here are some tips to make your life easier!


A Wasp with horns that bend slightly forward is called a HiveWing. Its eyes are a bright yellow-orange-green, and its horns have a distinct curve. HiveWings may have stingers or wrist spikes. The eggs of this Wasp are white, and its blood may be unique to the Wasp species. In addition to being the only Wasp with wings, HiveWings have no other type of flight.

Queen Wasp

The Wasp in the movie "Miraculous" is a very powerful villain. Her HiveWings possess a special ability that lets her mind control people who are stung by them. Those who are stung by her Wasps will be unable to resist the powerful stings. However, the Wasp is also capable of mind control. During the game, the Wasp can mind control people by using her tail stinger to poison them.


The Chameleon is a NightWing. In the epilogue of "The Hunger Games," she talks to the ex-Queen Scarlet. She has the Darkstalker's scroll. In the novel, she cannot change scale color or sleep. The RainWing healer Bullfrog mentioned the Chameleon to Winter when he visited Glory. Qibli, a chameleon, told Winter of the Chameleon's existence. It had three wings. It was able to fly and was able to transform from one shape to another. It was also the Moonwatcher, who visited the Talons of Peace and saw the Chameleon. It was then possible for her to see the Chameleon's wings of fire.

Queen Grandeur

When the SkyWings first attacked the rainforest, Grandeur had just turned four. While everyone else was sleeping, she was busy saving the RainWing tribe. The SkyWings destroyed scrolls, buildings, and trees. And they killed a lot of dragons. Her crown was incredibly heavy, so she curled up into a ball. When she thought about comforting the SkyWings, Grandeur shivered.


As a dragon, Sundew has a surprisingly lean build, and she's a lot taller than BigWings. She's also born with abnormally small ears and defective talons. Her wings are smokey topaz and her scales are burnt umber. Her spiral horns and spines run down her back, and her eyes are a deep russet.

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