Job Description: Clinical Manager Position

Clinical Manager Position (Veteran Affairs Department)

Director of aid and veterans' affairs

Job purpose: Monitor and supervise all tasks in the veterans affairs office, ensuring full compliance with state standards and legislation.

Duties: It should be emphasized that the jobs listed here are the very minimum; extra responsibilities may be assigned.

Creating and implementing policies and processes, such as budget management.

Staff hiring, training, monitoring, and evaluation in the selected healthcare facilities

Monitors compliance with state regulations and submits timely reports to the appropriate authorities.

Prepares the budget for the appropriate fiscal year. Orders the clinical equipment’s and supplies them to fulfill the set financial concerns.

Act as a direct contact on contracts or registration with insurance firms.

Ensure employees receive appropriate safety training and foster a safe working place culture

Education background

He/she must possess the required knowledge and is able to demonstrate with or without reasonable accommodations that the required job can be performed.


Demonstrated proficiency with Microsoft office packages

Subject to regular standing, walking, sitting, bending, reaching, kneeling, pushing and pulling.

Bachelor’s degree in a reputable university in related field

Four years work related experience with at least one year in supervision experience.

Compensation and benefits package

These are benefits and compensations to which are designed to help the veterans continue with their normal livelihoods as far as their family needs and concerns are met .these packaged therefore are designed to suit the veterans in or out of service. It is of importance to offer these great men and women who offered their lives in service to our nation, compensation and benefits for their work during service. We shall consider medical and life based policies to which add importance to their livelihoods. They will provide monthly benefits in recognition to effects of diseases, disabilities or injuries incurred during active service. The benefits as well extents to their surviving spouses, dependents children and dependents parents in recognition to the economic loss as a result of a veteran’s death during active service, disability or discharge from service.

It includes;

Disability benefit- tax free benefit paid to the veterans with disabilities as a result of disease or injury during active service.

Death benefit – it’s a tax free benefit payable to the surviving spouse or dependent of the service member who died on active duty.

Special Monthly Compensation – this is an additional tax free benefit which is paid to the veterans or surviving spouses. This is paid due to special need of aid and attendance by another person or specific disability e.g. loss of a limb.

In patient Care Services – includes a full package of treatment includes specialized care units such as ICU’s, Transplants, Spinal injury etc.

Ancillary Services - these services help in diagnosing or treat certain medical conditions.

Emergency Care - these can be defined as a condition to which a layperson would reasonably expect a delay in seeking immediate medical attention which would be hazardous to his/her health or life.

Mental Healthcare – this involves special inpatient or outpatient mental health services at its clinics. This would help veterans experiencing mental problems recover to live more meaningful lives in the society to achieve their full potentials.

These benefits and compensations are meant to benefit the veterans with their families, showing support from the government as an appreciation for the services offered. Reorganizing facilities and the medical aspects of the organizations, the veteran society is able to benefit broadly as they may be able to live their normal lives no matter their physical, mental or economic challenges which they may be going through. Making the services readily available and distributed to different states makes it more accessible and effective.

Performance appraisal program

The department of Veteran Affairs aims at providing quality services to its customers. The accomplishment of the mission is to be attained within an environment which recognizes the independence of the employee’s contributions and promotion of teamwork. There are improvements which are supposed to be made i.e. through analyzing the work process band correcting systematic problems and revising them appropriately.

The appraisal process entails reviewing and evaluating the performance of the employee. These processes should have duration to which reviewing will be made and a rating of record will be prepared. Critical element s will be used to measure performance at the individual level, based on work assignment or responsibility.

The appraisal program;

The unit employees shall receive an annual performance appraisal for the period agreed to certify that the assigned tasks has been completed and have been performed within the required time.

Each employee will have to undergo self-assessment tests. This is where they prepare such an assessment which will improve communication and relationship between the employee and the supervisors. They should document their accomplishment of the given period.

During evaluation, departments shall not hold employees accountable for factors which affect their performance and are beyond their control.

The employees’ appraisal will be strictly based on their own performance against the elements that apply during the relevant appraisal process.

The supervisors have to determine what type of data is essential for employees performance appraisal, how it will be collected, and the source to which the data will come from and what type of information is required either specific or general data. He has to derive factors that are so important and easy to measure regarding to the specific individual. This may require constructing a performance standard for every critical element of a specific job detail which involves multiple qualitative and quantitative aspects of the elements.

Effective, timely and frequent feedback which addresses the employee p[performance on various elements and standards is a critical component of this performance evaluation program. The feedbacks work best if they relate specifically to certain crucial elements and they’re timely.

Each departmental head is required to ensure that the feedback is provided to each employee during the period.

The review may be done orally and should include area of critical competence requiring improvement for a positive performance.


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