Jean-Paul Sartre and Existentialism

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The classic phenomenology known as existentialism founded by Jean-Paul Sartre (1905-1980) and other philosopher. The theory of existentialism stresses choice, equality and the life of individuals. While people live in an irrational world, rational choices are required to be made for determining their own significance of existence. Existentialism also states that no transcendent force exists and that therefore human beings must accept their lives. The existentialism movement has several main principles of absurdity, subjectivity, fear, and independence.
The existentialists maintained that metaphysics should explain the natural world. The whole idea of existing is an absurd, and humans need to reason to find the meaning of life. The only way to live freely is to do what one wants and stop pretending to be thing-like. On subjectivity, the philosophers argued that humans’ perspectives on the world are accompanied by their personal needs, desires, and emotions. The perspective a person has in the world is the starting point of reasoning to make fundamental decisions and find the actual meaning of existence. The anxiety or anguish is the recognition of your responsibility in the world. A person should be responsible for his or her actions, and this brings the uniqueness of human existence. A person should be in a position of choosing the kind of life he or she wants to live and do the things without necessarily being forced by the law. The concept of anxiety leads to freedom which starts when people are responsible for themselves and their actions. The existentialists maintained that the only way humans could rise above absurd condition is by exercising liberty and choice, but this comes after self-recognition.

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