Jamaica Kincaid's "Girl" and Sandra Cisneros' "Woman Hollering Creek"

In both Jamaica Kincaid's ""Girl"" and Sandra Cisneros' ""Woman Hollering Creek,"" culture is essential to gender roles. Gender roles have always been an element of diversity since varied cultures rely on the values and customs of preceding generations. The way women are supposed to behave in society is determined by the current values that guide their behavior. Some societies are overly protective of their cultures, as Jamaica Kincaid demonstrates in ""Girl."" Kincaid discusses the hazards of female sexuality in today's culture, as well as how to maintain morals among the feminine gender. Other cultures have defined sex roles and responsibilities for women, as demonstrated in ""Woman Hollering Creek."" In “Girl,” Kincaid, on the other hand, addresses the defined roles of women in society, to preserve cultural values, across all cultures. Hence, this paper compares and contrasts the two stories, in relation to gender role, specifically among women.

In “Girl,” Kincaid talks about how mothers become worried with their teenage daughters even before they attain adolescence. In such instances, some of the factors, which make most mothers worried, is the current behaviors of their daughters, and which, if continued could lead to immorality. Hence, this shows how much morality is valued in numerous cultures, from generation to generation. Therefore, mothers always believe that the respectability or reputation of the woman is a significant determinant of the quality of life in the community (Kincaid 4). Many cultures have been preservative, particularly on the role of a girl child. The reason is that a woman, in any society, is regarded as the symbol of morality, and ill behave among women represents a corrupt society. Kincaid, therefore, emphasizes the need to guard and conceal sexuality to conserve a reputable front carefully. Subsequently, the author asserts that a woman relates many tangential objects and responsibilities to the taboo topic of sexuality, such as squeezing fruit before purchasing it. Besides, much of a woman’s advice focuses on ways to maintain respectability. Thus, it is normal to see a mother scolding her daughter for the manner in which she walks, her relations with other people, and how she plays marble. Hence, the mother’s emphasis on the dangers of female sexuality aims at demonstrating to the girl child that she is not a man. Hence, for her to gain respect from the society, she has to act in a respectful manner.

In “Woman Hollering Creek,” Cleofilas, is a woman, who is entangled in constricting, culturally assigned gender roles because of her poverty, verbal isolation, and forceful marriages. Cisneros emphasizes that women in different cultures suffer the same victimization and alienation, in the past and contemporary society. In the story, Cleofilas is given to Pedro by her father. In her marriage, Cleofilas is not allowed to drive not have access to a car. Besides, the woman is alienated with her child in the small homestead, where the primary roles include cooking, cleaning and caring for the family (Cisneros 3). In the story, Cleofilas is shocked, when she meets another woman, Felice, who owns a car, and is not yet married. As opposed to Cleofilas, Felice has a life full of freedom, as she can do anything without adhering to the norms of the society. Felice claims that women have been constrained by the sex roles, assigned by culture to women. She further addresses her disregard for violence against women, and the freedom of women. Felice calls upon Cleofilas and other women in the plight of sex roles to rise and stand for their rights. In both stories, the two authors address gender roles in culture, with a similar theme of obedience among women, but also encouraging women to become bold and earn respect in the society.

Response 1

The student produces a brilliant and guiding introduction, which helps the reader understand the main ideas addressed in the story. In comparing “Persimmons” and "Visions of Mexico While at a Writing Symposium in Port Townsend, Washington," the writer is quick to draw a simple comparison between the two stories. The essay draws on relevant examples, which aid in supporting the comparisons made between the two stories. Some of the motifs included to assist in understanding the similarities include symbolism, repetition, metaphor and tone. The grammar is perfect. Besides, sentences are constructed correctly, with flowing paragraphs.

Response 2

In this essay, the writer begins well on addressing the reasons why the two stories are comparable. Furthermore, the introduction is short and straightforward. The student compares and contrasts Lahiri's "Sexy" and Diaz's "Drown." The comparison is based on the thoughts and feelings on heritage and multiculturalism. The comparison is compelling based on opinions of both authors. Significantly, the essay has no grammatical errors. Besides, ideas in the paragraphs flow correctly, and sentences are well constructed.

Response 3

In this essay, the student begins by stating their frustration due to the vulgarity of Junot Diaz’ writing. The student bases the comparison of Lahiri's “Sexy” and Junot Diaz’ "Drown," on their interpretations of both stories. Significantly, the student does well to connect the main ideas between the two stories and develop a comparison between the two. One of the outstanding features in this essay is the grammar and the structure of sentences. However, the only problem is that the student uses the first person point of view excessively in the essay. Works Cited

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Kincaid, Jamaica. “Girl.” San Francisco Examiner, 1991.

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