Is there a need to be an organ donor?


One of the biggest miracles of today's science is the successful transplantation of human organs into patients that would otherwise die. The Department of Health and Human Services indicates that there are actually 119,000 people in the United States, enough to populate a small town, waiting for organ donation. Thousands of people are going to die as they wait for the call to say that a second chance of survival has been found: an appropriate organ donor. Are you, or have you ever dreamed about becoming an organ donor? For others, it's as easy as clicking the "amen" box on their driver's license forms; for some, it's not as simple as choosing. Almost all of us would love to tell Nearly everyone among us would love to say "I have saved someone's life." But by being an organ donor, you will have the capacity to state "I WILL save someone's life." Organ donation is a magnanimous method for giving back to others by giving someone else another opportunity at life. Sadly, the number of patients sitting, hoping, and praying for organs far surpasses the number of registered donors. Patients wait for months, even years before a match is found, and many die before they ever receive an organ. The deficiency of organ donors in the U.S is a national emergency; however, as with most issues, there is a simple solution. Donating an organ is a significant choice for yourself, as well as a vital choice for the life you have the ability to spare.

The Importance of Organ Donation

There are numerous false stigmas related to organ donation, and to be informed, you should comprehend what organ donation is, the way it works, how you can become an organ donor, and what organs or tissues you can donate. Organ donation involves taking healthy organs from one individual and transplanting them into another. A deceased donor is one who allows their organs to be donated after they have passed away. Being a living donor implies donating your organs while you are still alive, so the organs you can give are limited. However, you can be both. You can donate some portion of your organs when you are alive and donate the rest after you have passed away.

Myths Surrounding Organ Donation

There are so many myths regarding organ donation, the majority of which are not valid. For example, if I consent to donate my organs, the organs will be taken from my body before I die, or the doctors might not work as hard to save my life. However, this is not true. When you are in a hospital, specialists concentrate on saving your life, not somebody else's, and the doctor responsible for your care has nothing to do with transplantations. Another common reason is on account of age. Those under eighteen who think they are too young to settle on this choice, although it may be partially true, in a legal sense, parents can authorize your choice for you. You can express to your folks your desire to donate, and they can give their consent realizing that it is what you want. Kids, as well, need organ transplants, and they require smaller organs than those that a grown-up can donate. I do not know about you, but for me, the possibility of an innocent child in critical need of an organ transplant is sufficient to make me on board. There is also no cut-off age for organ donation and no one is "too old to donate." According to research, another leading cause as to why people do not donate is because they think it is against their religion. Organ donation is consistent with the convictions of most religions, including Islam, Protestantism, Catholicism, and most branches of Judaism. In case you are uncertain of your beliefs position regarding the matter, you can go to which has a list of numerous religious perspectives on organ donations. A few people expect that it will cost them, or their family a great deal but there is no cost to the group of the contributor. There is really no reason against organ donation; it comes down to choice.

The Need for More Organ Donors

As per a University of Minnesota study, over 90% of Americans support organ donation, yet information from the Department of Public Safety demonstrates that only a disturbing 43% of Americans have marked "donor" on their drivers permit. To make it worse, the most generally referred to reason for not having "donor" on their driver's license, is that they "I not gotten around to it." Now, if this does not demonstrate how shockingly lazy most of our nation is, I do not know what does. So many lives are being lost to this emergency, and we should consider it a crisis, action ought to be taken immediately. Every day individuals put off to sign up, 100 individuals are added to the transplant waiting list, and 22 people die because the organ they urgently required was never available. The U.S population is 318.9 million, and there is no valid reason behind such a vast amount of deaths on account of an "unavailable" organ. If more individuals said yes to donation, we could save so many lives; mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers.


I must admit, before researching for this speech, I had never truly considered or even thought about donating an organ. In any case, now that I am more enlightened regarding the matter, it appears like an easy decision to enlist to donate. Your organs will be of no use to you in your grave. Why not help and spare another person by giving them something you do not require anymore? So many people needing an organ simply need another opportunity at life, and you and I can help them. It is astonishing how more than 119,000 individuals in the country are hoping for a transplant that will spare their lives. You can help alter these numbers by going to and enlisting, and together, we can all be fulfilled realizing that we will, later on, save a life.

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