Interprofessional practice abbreviated as IPP

Interprofessional Practice

Interprofessional practice, abbreviated as IPP, refers to health care providers' collaborative practice of working with others when providing services to their patients. These individuals include family members, healthcare providers, and patients (D'amour and Oandasan, 2005). The collaboration's goal is to collectively assess and solve challenges with a single goal. Collaboration makes use of the collective effort, knowledge, information, skills, and experience of all parties, guaranteeing that the solution reached is the best for the situation (Bankston and Glazer, 2013). IPP is also crucial in building experiences; when practitioners and family members are exposed handling the problem that a patient has with expertise, they acquire a better understanding of the problem, and as such, they can handle issues that may arise in the future. In healthcare, IPP is a critical factor that can fasten the outcome and provide permanent solutions.

American Holistic Nurses Association

I intend to be a member of the American Holistic Nurses Association. AHNA is objective to promoting holistic health practices through networking and education for nurses and health care providers. AHNA embraces inclusivity in that it welcomes everybody who is interested and committed to health and wellness; even non-licensed healthcare providers are enrolled with the association. Some of the practitioners who are members of AHNA include social workers, nutritionists, psychotherapists, herbalists, interested citizens and nurses (Frisch, 2001).

Poor Interprofessional Practice Culture

In Ms. Tuckerno's case, the lack of cooperation between the practitioners indicates that the facility has poor interprofessional practice culture. IPP can only be a success if there is adequate communication among all the parties involved (Buppert, 2015). The Nurse practitioner should have informed the patient’s internist through a call or email before changing the medication. On the other hand, the internist ought to also have confronted the nurse about the changed medical chart of her patient. Interprofessional practice is built on communication and the appreciation of all the efforts offered by other parties (Buppert, 2015).


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