Interpretation 1: By David Allen

Huntington's Theory of Clash of Civilizations

Huntington reiterates that the conflicts will be fought at the level of the nations and by the groups therein. Conflicts would result from divisions between the respective cultures. The David Allen interpretation elaborates on the idea of clashing civilizations caused by divergent worldviews, including those regarding the connection between man and God. In addition, there are distinctions between a state and a person, kids and parents, rights and responsibilities, hierarchy, and equality. Since communism's fall, western culture has come to dominate the globe and is therefore seen as a serious threat. The development of economic regions including the European Union, the East Asian region based in China, shows success derived from the realization of shared values and understanding. Huntington elaborates that the ideals of the western world are not a modernization prerequisite but rather an ideology that would lead to the development of different civilizations.

Interpretation 2: Jessica James

Jessica James thesis is based on immigration. Huntington elaborated that the clash of civilization would be based on cultures. Christopher Caldwell explains that the immigration of Muslims to Western Europe contributes to the imminent conflicts. He iterates that the European nations are having a decrease in the number of workers. The countries are having their labor rejuvenation from Muslim cultures despite them being rivals in cultures. Caldwell elaborates that the Europe continent has up to twenty million Muslims. They are inclusive of an average 6 million in France, Germany has 4 million, and Britain has an average 2 million. In London, the Muslims constitute an eighth of the total population of the city. Terrorism characterized by Islam has been vastly experienced in Europe. It is in Hamburg that the 9/11 attack if the United States was planned. Violence acts have been attributed to Muslims perceived to be the second generation.


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