International Standardization Organization (ISO)

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO)

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) is an organization made up of about 163 national standard bodies from countries all over the world. Its portfolio of about 18100 standards provides governments, enterprises, and society as a whole with a guaranteed path to successful economic, environmental, and socio-cultural development (About us, 2017). Organizations can take significant leaps forward in trade, knowledge dissemination, and technological innovation by incorporating solid management methods.

FlightWorks and ISO

FlightWorks, an Atlanta-based chartered aircraft management company, developed international standards for aircraft maintenance and operations systems and processes. It utilised the Vehicle Certification Agency of North America (VCA), a self-governing auditing agency based in Northville, Michigan (ISO and the Aviation Industry, 2017). Aviation Maintenance assisted FlightWorks to learn more and carry out the process of implementation, and as a result, the company was able to receive a certification of ISO. Both companies followed the provisions of ISO/TC 20 which are ISO 5843-5.


ISO/TC 20 is a Technical Committee dealing with aircraft and space vehicles. It was first established in the 1947 and comprises of almost 600 published standards put together under one umbrella (ISO and the Aviation Industry, 2017). It keeps substantial, pertinent presence in the aircraft and space vehicle industry. Precisely, the committee deals in the standardization of materials, equipment, and components used in building and operation of aircraft and space vehicles. Moreover, it standardizes gears utilized in the servicing and maintenance of the vehicles. ISO/TC 20 ensures that internationally recognized standards are employed in the plan, construction, assessment, and evaluation, operation, air traffic management (ISO and the Aviation Industry, 2017). It also oversees the upkeep and discarding of constituents, equipment, and systems of aircraft and space vehicles, as well as issues regarding safety, reliability and the environment. And as expected, ensure these standards are cost effectively produced and are user-friendly in such a way that they fulfill market demands and supports the practical projects of the sector.

Implementation of ISO by FlightWorks

The decision to implement ISO was the idea of executive management that was about the main concerns of FlightWorks: safety and security, planning for growth and development and placing the company in line with customer focus (ISO and the Aviation Industry, 2017). During the implementation of International Standards, FlightWorks company followed a two-step process of ISO 5843. The first one was determining what was needed, those required to effect the change and the time it would take to implement the International Standards. This portion of ISO 5843 provides the terms concerned with environmental and operating conditions for aircraft equipment.

Stage two comprised of writing processes, procedures, reporting structures, awareness training and sample formation. Two assessment procedures were carried out, and at that point, processes were put on a pie chart given that one of the areas FlightWorks was focusing on was record management. Individuals were trained to perform internal auditing and determine whether the information resembled the standard as was required (ISO and the Aviation Industry, 2017). One-day management review was done as part of stage two, and it comprised of daily check ups on all aspects of the system and ensured that Standards were tied with business goals.

After the whole process had been done and documented, two auditors did the proper auditing in a couple of days. The company's motivation was that it wanted growth and had to use a systematic approach to realizing it, hence the implementation of International Standards (ISO and the Aviation Industry, 2017). And according to Agency of North America, implementing the standards for aircraft maintenance and operations systems and procedures promoted the goal of assessment process efficiently. FlighWork implementation of ISO was due to the commitment and effort of the employees and the management.

Roadblocks to Effective Implementation of International Standardization

International Standardization has roadblocks that hinder its effective implementation. For instance, at the time a government may suggest specific standards be attached to the guideline or the basis from which the standard springs (Barriers | ASTM Standardization News, 2017). On occasion, the regulation will provide a choice of standards and sources to an organization but sometimes it will not. Therefore, when the latter take place, every other rule is held up from use apart from those specified.

Additionally, a technical regulation may not permit the application of International Standardization, such that a procedure developed and verified to the standard will be refused, even if it meets all the safety requirements. Even if that process goes beyond the state or regional security standards (Barriers | ASTM Standardization News, 2017). Other obstacles to International Standardization are language differences among experts from non-English speaking nations who need an extra time of reviewing and studying documents and technological growth that overtakes the current standard development cycle.

Advantages and Future of ISO

Countries that use ISO should continue applying them in operations given that they are exceptional and enhances excellence and competitiveness. Member states should agree on what standards to be implemented all over the globe (ISO standards offer global solutions to global challenges discussed at World Economic Forum 2010, 2017). On the other hand, translation of documents to non-English speaking experts is necessary for the effectiveness of processes and procedures. The standard development cycles should be up to date with the ever-changing technology.


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