Intermediate Goals and Corrective Action

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For Arturo Juarez, the intermediate targets function as a relay to the long-term goals of the organization after the short-term goals are achieved. Intermediate objectives are particularly important as they give an entity a sense of direction. In order to resolve any unforeseen problems, corrective measures are created. Dream Vacation’s intermediate targets are to invest in advertising and customer support and to develop a customer base in its target areas.
One of his long-term ambitions is to have offices in Alabama, South Carolina, and several other nations. Considering that Dream Vacations will be operating from Atlanta, it is necessary to focus on advertising more aggressively in Alabama, Tennessee and South Carolina. The idea here is to make the client base grow big in these regions so that starting an office is a viable idea. Through intensive marketing in the target regions, many people will learn about the company and these are potential clients. Gradually, Dream Vacations will be in a position to support offices throughout these regions.

Dream Vacations has the long term goal of growing by at least 10% annually through the use of referrals and advertising. It is necessary for the company to work towards this achievement by meeting the intermediate goal of investing in effective and highly rated advertising as well as outstanding customer care services (Miller 79). In this case, advertising is seen as an investment because it is supposed to help the company meet a long term goal. Dream vacations should set aside some amount of money for advertising in various media such as newspapers and television. It is also imperative for Dream Vacations to perfect their customer care services. Through these, individuals will not find it difficult to refer another client. Other was of achieving this is through corporate social responsibility such as tree planting days. This creates awareness within the public.

Any ad hoc issues related to customer care services can be addressed through the corrective measure of training for purposes of enhancement of knowledge. Customer care is one of the most significant aspects that gives a consumer inkling as to the worth the company places I its clients. Through training the customer care personnel, Dream Vacations is better placed to provide the consumer with a product that is developed and created to meet their needs (Miller 72).. Alternatively, the company can hire public relations managers to handle any issues related to customer care. The image of the company determines whether referrals will work.

Another approach or corrective measure that would help Dream Vacations to meet all its goals is process redesign. In some instances, companies tend to create processes that are not at par with the long term goals (Nicholls, Lein, and McGibbon 81). These problems may not be evident at the beginning but they grow as the company continues to become bigger. In this case, it is necessary to go back to the drawing board and recreate the process so that every minute detail and concept is clear and stated in a smart way.

In as much as it may seem farfetched, Dream Vacations is capable of meeting its long term goals by developing smart intermediate goals. For instance, it is imperative to budget extensively for outstanding customer care and advertising services. Similarly, it is important for Dream Vacations to focus on obtaining clients in the regions it wishes to grow.

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