Industrial Responsibility to the Environment

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I am writing to you about the state of the city’s climate. Due to climate change over the past century, the inhabitants of California have suffered the long-term effects of desertification. In view of its position adjacent to the Pacific Ocean, this state gets a first-hand experience of climate change. A good thing for the economy is the fact that this state hosts various industries. However, for long-term sustainability, it is critical that corporations are asked to take care of the environment. California has experienced continued growth of industries over the past century that has seen it become the world’s most advanced technology city. This situation has served to raise the standards of living to carter for the billionaire technology founders and workers of some of the world’s highest paid professionals in the IT sector. The prices for housing have increased significantly to the extent that some of the people in lower-tier professions that are paid as per the national average can hardly afford to live here.

The local housing authorities should be notified to take the responsibility of making the state hospitable and habitable for everyone.

RE: Helping those in Need

Small acts of kindness go a long way in making the lives of the people in need. Being in need may be distinguished from neediness. Everyone who is needy is in need, but not everyone who is in need is needy. I am addressing the approach towards being helpful to those in need. We, as a society, do not have to only give donations to save the needy. The society becomes stronger when we support those among us who are in need, even though they are not needy. Such a culture should be embraced and encouraged so that all residents of the State can become their brothers’ and sisters’ keepers.

Letters to California Government

RE: Water Shortage

The government reserves the responsibility to ensuring the well-being of its citizens in terms of the economy, health, and other aspects that ensure societal development. Water is a fundamental life-sustainer that should be available always.

Clean, running water is essential for the health of various families in the State. There have been frequent water shortages in the past few weeks and this situation is unbearable for many families. Schools have also been affected by this situation.

On behalf of the residents of the _______________ city, I would like to ask that you take care of this problem to ensure that there is clean running water for usage.

RE: Policy on Eco-friendly Investment

The State of California is known for its high value investments. Some of the world’s largest companies have their headquarters here. This is a strong addition to our economy. However, the increase in the number of companies directly leads to increase in pollution, both from industries and transport systems. Domestic waste also increases due to increased habitation in the State.

I would like to propose that the Government of California adopts an eco-friendly approach towards investments. It should set up policies that make it impossible for companies that do not have respect for the environment to occupy any space here.

RE: Social Welfare Schemes

The State of California is home to some of the richest middle and affluent classes in the country. This means that many people have more wealth than they may need in the foreseeable future. While it remains everyone’s right to own property of one’s willingness and ability, it is also a fact that not everyone can afford the day-to-day expenses without accruing debts. For some, it is even difficult to own or rent homes to the extent that they end up as squatters.

It is a shame for such an influential state to be passive about the rife difference between the rich and the poor. Welfare mechanisms should be set up to help those struggling with high standards of living to cope up.

Letter to Restaurant owners.

RE: Cleanliness in Restaurants

Cleanliness is an indispensable quality for any facility that serves food. Restaurant are established for this sole purpose, which is to make food available for the public. I have been a frequent customer at your restaurant for the past five years. However, the quality of the environment continues to deteriorate. Moreover, it has become common practice for the waiting staff to spill drinks and handle foods in careless manners. This situation is disturbing as it may inconvenience people who are travelling or are on a break form an important meeting.

I write to you to request an appropriate change in this regard.

RE: Employee Satisfaction

I write to you regarding the way employees are treated at your restaurant. Many of our staff members have complained about being overworked due to understaffing. I understand that the economic situation is tough and hiring more employees has become untenable for many companies. However, I would like to express the need for employee satisfaction for positive results in customer service and quality of the food you serve.

Many workers have written to the Board of Directors of the company regarding mistreatment and intimidation. I would like to condemn any behavior of such kind. All employees should be treated with respect in order for proper business. As the Chairman of the board, I ask you to consider shortlisting more employees in order to relieve the current ones, thus improving the quality of their service.

RE: Enquiring about Catering Charges for a Youth Conference

I am writing to you as the event organizer for the Youth Fests Festival. The planning committee is seeking information on suitable venues and catering services for the upcoming Annual Jamboree for the youth aged between 16 and 25.

I have used your services before and, therefore, recommended your restaurant to offer catering services for the event. We expect about 200 people to attend. I would like to know the packages you offer for such kinds of events.

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