Impact and influences of student learning

The Impact of Education on Equalization and Consciousness

The World over, education has been known to be the most critical factor that leads to equalization and consciousness of dreams of individuals, societies, and nations. However, it must be acknowledged that training is a multidisciplinary undertaking that is impacted by various factors. The tutorial performance of school-going children is influenced by quite a number factors. This short paper will discuss in details three observations related to education and highlight how they affect the pupil learning. The paper will specifically discuss the writer’s held opinion of what are the crucial elements that determine the academic performance of students; parenting, technology, and race.

The Influence of Family on Academic Performance

It is evident that a family is a critical unit in the society which has a fundamental role in one’s life and the community. While it is not without a doubt that society and peers do influence children, it is unmistakable that family influences them in enormous ways. Specifically, the child’s moral, social, cultural, social, and creativity aspects are highly impacted by the family. The type of relationships that exist between the parents and their children greatly determines the children’s mental and physical health. These relationships do among many other things, help the children to establish their identity, develop their talents, skills and learning the rules of society from their parents’ perspectives.

The Significance of Parenting Style in Academic Performance

The parenting styles of the parents, therefore, play a critical role in determining the academic performance of their children in school. Parents that can be considered to be strict and authoritative are also thought to be highly responsive and structured to the children. This parenting style is also associated with great engagement in the school activities, tough work orientation, spending more time on homework, upholding positive feelings about the school and its programs, a high and better idea of the academic concept and little misconduct at school. Besides, parents that get involved in school activities, encourage their children, motivate them, and place high expectations upon their kids greatly contribute to improved performance in school. In contrast, parents that are less concerned and pay little regard to the running of the school, do not encourage and motivate their children will negatively influence the performance of the said students.

The Influence of Technology on Learning

The second critical factor that influences the learning of students is the ever-changing technology. The use of technology as a tool for communication between the teacher and students or between the students themselves, the participants become active as opposed the passive mode that is observed when teachers transmit information. In this new format of learning, the student is made to think on how to obtain, manipulate and display their data. This involves making choices and implementing skills which would not be executed in a class led by a teacher. Indeed, the teacher ceases to be the center of attraction and attention when making use of technology and becomes a facilitator, a goal setter, a provider of resources and guidelines and support for the activities undertaken by the students.

The Benefits and Drawbacks of Using Technology in Education

Having been in settings where technology is applied as a learning tool, the author of this paper can confirm that indeed if there is one fundamental benefit of technology is the increased motivation among the learners. Technology has allowed students that would not star in various fields when using the more conventional methods to accomplish great strides in their learning. The students get high satisfaction by, for instance, the immediate feedback they receive from the computers as well as the sense of accomplishment. The students also get to dedicate more time such as during recess or lunch breaks to work on their projects which further influences their mastery of the various competencies and skills. The students’ self-esteem is also boosted by the fact that the students feel more competent after achieving a mastery of tasks that are related to technology. Additionally, the students gain impressive technical skills in using various software. These are critical in ensuring that the students get to understand the basics of how certain computer tools work which will stay with them even after the software have long changed. Collaboration with peers is another benefit that is accrued by the use of technology.

This does not mean that there are not any negative effects of technology which will affect the students in their learning. The possibility of addiction and reduced human to human interactions have been said to have certain detrimental effects on the students. Some students get addicted to video games and learn some aspects that inculcate negative and anti-social behaviors among the students which will ultimately affect their performance in academics.

The Impact of Race on Learning Experience

While some strides towards achieving racial equality have been made in our country, it cannot be denied that we are still faced with racial challenges that affect the learners in the minority of the races. Just like in society, racism plays a critical role in how the students from the minority communities experience and access learning in the educational environments. Most students from these communities do not have the proper support to pursue higher learning. This is the case despite the fact that they have the same intellectual ability as those from the majority races. A racist and classist system is responsible for placing children from the minority neighborhoods to schools that are poorly funded while those that are from the majority communities manage to give their children the best education in private and high-end schools. These underfunded schools will have poor learning facilities like computers, access to out-of-class learning among others which will reflect in their academic performance.

Besides being forced to attend less glamorous schools, they are further discriminated and are recipients of racism in the learning institutions. The effect of such incidences is isolation, being disconnected, discrimination and a sense of loneliness which will impact their performance in academics. Besides discrimination based on race, Black women also experience sexism which influences their experience of education. The feeling that Black women are morally and intellectually inferior holds them back both psychologically and academically.


This short paper has discussed some observations concerning education and some of the factors that influence how the students experience learning. The paper looked into how parenting style can impact the academic performance of students. It established that parents that are more concerned with the behavior and performance of their children are likely to instill such values in their children and improve their performance. The paper also looked into how technology influences the performance of students. Specifically, it analyzed how the students get involved in active learning and attain important skills because of the application of technology in the learning process. Finally, the paper discussed how race affects the learning experience of students. The racial factor, which when coupled with the socioeconomic factors condemns children from the minority communities into poorly funded schools which further affect how they experience their education. In conclusion, while education is critical in our society, such factors like parenting, technology, and race are crucial in ensuring a positive learning experience.

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