Immingration in America: From the Experience of Women

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The goal of the immigration of women to America was to secure jobs in the region. The majority of women in their countries have endured significant levels of poverty. In the future factories and mining zones, America had several possibilities, which offered women a higher income. In their homelands, other women joined the country to avoid forced marriages (Dubois and Lynn 356). America was renowned for the emancipation of women, but many of them joined the nation seeking independence. In order to escape political repression from the anti-Semitic riots, Jewish women immigrated.
Question 2
In 1892, border control began to take action towards regulating immigrants. In New York City harbor, the platform for receiving refugees was at Ellis Island. The station interviewed and deported those with ulterior reasons for the immigration. The immigration control controlled the entry of people in America, especially those with bad practices, including prostitution. In 1875, the page law banned immigration of the Chinese due to prostitution. In 1901, the Japanese stopped entering the country due to a gentleman’s agreement between Japan and America. (Dubois and Lynn 360).

Question 3

The term tender violence refers to an act originally meant for a positive outcome, but the process is not friendly. The friends of Indians are offering them an education; the process towards it is violent and not as favorable as anticipated. For example, students need to shave their hairs to fit into the system. The violence seems to target the bigger positive outcome, but the process is painful to the affected people (Dubois and Lynn 379).

Question 4

The House Hull was helpful to immigrants by providing a place where they could take care of their children. The house presented an opportunity for women to learn the culture of America and pass the information to their children. They held union meetings and discussion clubs at the house. However, the room did not help the women in securing employment as it was an individual effort (Dubois and Lynn 368).

Work Cited

Dubois, Ellen C. and Lynn Dumenil. Through Women’s Eyes: An American History with Documents. 4th ed., Bedford/St. Martin’s, 2015.

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